Skid Steer Loader For Sale

HAMAC Skid Steer Loader for Sale

Skid Steer Loader For Sale

There are usually two types of walking methods for skid steer loader for sale, wheeled and crawler. The equipment is mainly used in occasions where the work site is narrow, the ground is undulating, and the work content changes frequently.

  • Different models as options
  • Suitable for attachment from various brands
  • High cost performance

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What Is Skid Steer Loader

Skid steer loader, also known as skid loader, is a multifunctional engineering vehicle. It is a wheeled special chassis equipment that uses the difference in the linear velocity of the wheels on both sides to realize the steering of the vehicle. Bobcat invented the world’s first skid steer loader, and inherited the industry-leading quality, performance and reliability. It is a well-known brand of skid loader in the world, so many people also directly call it Bobcat skid steer loader. It is suitable for infrastructure construction, industrial application, dock loading and unloading, urban streets, residences, barns, livestock houses, airport runways, etc., Skid loader can also be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale construction machinery.

What Are Excellent Performance of Skid Steer Loader For Sale in HAMAC

  • High configuration of main components. The main hydraulic pump is a high-pressure piston pump from Bondioli, Italy. The running motor is an Eaton single or two speed motor. The engine adopts well-known brands such as Xinchai, Kubota, and Perkins. Gear pumps, multi-way valves, pilot valves, leveling valves and other key hydraulic components are all imported from Europe and America.
  • Adopt plate-type welding arm, which has high bearing capacity, good overall rigidity, high durability and reliability. The bucket cylinder can reach 100/50, and the maximum digging capacity can reach more than 3 tons.
  • The rocker control operation structure is our company’s patented technology.The control distance can be adjusted according to the requirements of different drivers. The control distance can be adjusted according to the requirements of different drivers.
  • The luxury cab adopts blow-molded interior, which is beautiful and comfortable.

Display of Skid Steer Loader Attachments

Bobcat skid steer loaders have developed more than 100 kinds of attachments. And its quick-change function makes the replacement of attachments quick and easy, enabling the skid steer loader to easily achieve more functions.

skid steer loader attachments

Models of Skid Steer Loader for Sale in HAMAC

Model HC25 HC45 HC65 HC75 HC100
Operating Load (Kg) 300 500 850 1050 1200
Max. Speed (Km/H) 9 10 12 12 12/18
Hydraulic Flow (L/Min) 37 60 75 75 75
Max. Working Flow (L/Min) 23X8.5-15 8.5-15 12-16.5 120 140
Tire Model 18.4 29.5 45 12-16.5 12-16.5
Rated Power (KW) 25 60 70 55 74
Fuel Tank Volume (L) 25 45 65 75 90
Self Weight (Kg) 0.2 0.3 0.4 3500 3550
Bucket Volume (M³) 300 500 850 0.5 0.55

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FAQ - More About Skid Steer Loader

According to the way of walking, it can be divided into wheeled skid steer loader and track skid steer loader.

According to the power, it can be divided into large, medium and small skid steer loader.

Based on mechanical type, it can be divided into mechanical type, electric control and hydraulic skid steer loader.

The biggest feature of the skid steer loader is that the overall size of the machine is small, and it can realize in situ steering. The equipment can be randomly and quickly replaced or attached to various working devices at the job site.

  1. Since its minimum turning radius is less than half of the same level of articulated loaders, it is especially suitable for operations in narrow places such as urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, workshops, warehouses, docks, ship decks and even cabins.Due to the short wheelbase, the skid steer loader is particularly dexterous in working in a narrow space, the skid steer equipment can not only provide the original loading operation, but also realize various types of engineering operations through accessories, the maximum Improve the speed of engineering construction to a certain extent.
  2. Adopt all-wheel drive, and there is no inter-wheel differential, which is conducive to working on undulating ground. The transmission system can meet the demand of high load capacity, and provide high torque power output while ensuring power.
  3. Different working devices can be replaced or connected in a flash at the job site, usually only a few minutes.In this way, operations such as shoveling, stacking, lifting, excavating, drilling, crushing, grabbing, pushing, loosening, ditching, road cleaning and road surface compaction can be carried out respectively.
  4. Used for logistics support of large-scale construction machinery, site cleaning and project finishing operations. Slippage in ground cleaning requires ground cleaning accessories, which can quickly clean up the remaining tiles left by the ground construction. Meanwhile, it can quickly clean the dust through the fast-rotating bristles.
  5. Used as a mobile pump station to provide a power source for hydraulic equipment such as hand-held hydraulic picks. It is a multi-functional sliding equipment that can provide hydraulic interfaces of various models and flow rates, ensuring usability while ensuring diversity.
  6. It can be directly used in snow clearing and cleaning operations in road protection.Combined with snow removal and deicing accessories, the skid equipment can quickly clear large areas of snow and ice. At the same time, benefiting from the mobility of the equipment itself, skid loader can ensure the effective and large-scale work of related equipment.

Skid loaders are generally composed of frame, cab, boom, bucket, quick change device, fuel tank, transmission system, power system, hydraulic system, electrical system and other components.

  1. The main engine pump of the skid loader is a front-loader, which is designed without exception to have a short wheelbase and a short rear overhang. And the support point of the boom is above the rear of the vehicle.
  2. Main boom adopts a box-shaped cross-section structure to improve its torsional rigidity. Due to the limitation of the whole machine layout, the boom can only be lifted in the form of double hydraulic cylinders.
  3. The working device of the skid steer loader adopts hydraulic transmission.Except for very few models that use belt drive or chain drive for their travel drive system, almost all skid steer loaders use a full hydraulic scheme, a double-circuit closed system, a swash plate type two-way variable pump, and an inclined shaft type high-speed motor.
  4. The cab is located between the booms on both sides, and the driver must step over the working device to enter the cab. The instrument panel is arranged on the left and right sides of the driver or on the front top.
  5. Engine rear mounted, longitudinal or transverse arrangement.There is no front and rear axles, and the four driving wheels are independently suspended on the frame. Due to the short wheelbase and rigid suspension of each wheel, it is easy to jump when the vehicle is running at high speed.
  6. Except the scarifier can be fixedly installed at the rear of the vehicle, almost all working devices are attached to the front end of the boom. There are generally two types of hooking methods. A few, such as backhoe excavators, are directly articulated on the front end of the boom, while most of the working devices are connected to the boom by public quick change devices.

The skid steer loader equipped with a lifting arm, a stable body and an engine, can be installed with various equipment for engineering operations. It is flexible, with independent drive on the left and right sides, and a machine with balanced distribution of power, bearing and load. Because it adopts sliding steering, it is called skid steer loader.

Most models use a closed hydraulic system. The engine drives the hydraulic pump, and through the control of the valve, the hydraulic motor performs fast and slow rotation and forward and reverse movements, so that the whole machine can move forward.

The most prominent feature of the skid steer loader is its unique steering method. Ordinary cars or loaders use front wheel steering, but the skid steer loader uses the difference in linear velocity of the wheels on both sides to realize vehicle steering. Another important feature of the skid steer loader is its wide range of accessories and quick-change functions.

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