Electric Concrete Mixer

HAMAC electric concrete mixer for sale

Electric Concrete Mixer for Sale

The design of the electric concrete mixer is to meet the needs of the market, improve the series of products, and adapt to the requirements of small building construction work. Electric cement mixer can achieve mixing and conveying of materials in a closed environment, with good mixing and conveying effects, which can reduce environmental pollution. The equipment can improve the construction conditions on the construction site, protect the physical and mental health of construction workers, reduce the construction intensity of workers, and improve work efficiency. The most important, it can reduce environmental damage during construction.

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Excellent Performance of Electric Concrete Mixer For Sale

Excellent powerful performance. The mixer provides consistent and reliable mixing performance, ensuring that the concrete ingredients are thoroughly and evenly mixed. Electric concrete mixers can handle various volumes and types of concrete, delivering efficient and consistent quality.

Environmental sustainability. Unlike gas or diesel concrete mixers, electric mixer machine produce zero direct emissions, which can minimize pollution and improve air quality on construction sites. By utilizing electricity from renewable sources, these mixers contribute to an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, making them an environmentally friendly choice for builders.

Cost-effectiveness. Electric concrete mixers eliminate the need to purchase and store fuel, which will be a huge expense for construction companies. Additionally, electric concrete mixers require less maintenance than diesel mixers, resulting in less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Noise reduction. Electric concrete mixers offer a quieter option that significantly reduces noise pollution, allowing for better communication between workers and reducing the risk of noise-related health problems. Additionally, quieter construction activity helps maintain a positive relationship with the local community.

Excellent portability and operability. Designed to be compact and lightweight to enhance its portability and mobility. Thanks to the electric motor, electric cement mixers can be easily transported around construction sites, allowing workers to move them closer to the desired work area. This flexibility can save time and effort, increasing efficiency and productivity.  

What Are Requirements for Electric Cement Mixers

  • It should evenly mix various components of concrete, and make cement slurry or asphalt evenly wrap the aggregate surface.
  • The mixed concrete can be unloaded evenly.
  • The time for stirring and discharging is short.
  • Compact structure, small footprint.
  • Low power consumption, in line with environmental protection requirements.

Technical Parameters of Electric Concrete Mixer for Sale

Model JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS3500 JS4000
Discharging Volume (L) 500L 750L 1000L 1500L 2000L 3000L 3500L 4000L
Feeding Volume (L) 800L 1200L 1600L 2400L 3200L 4800L 5600L 6400L
Capacity ≥25m³/H ≥37.5m³/H ≥50m³/H ≥75m³/H ≥100m³/H ≥150m³/H ≥180m³/H ≥200m³/H
Maximum Aggregate Size (Pebble/Gravel)Mm 40/50 40/60 60/80 80/100 80/100 80/120 80/120 80/120
Cycle Time (S) 72 72 60 60 60 60 60 60
Total Weight (Kgs) 4000 5500 8700 11300 15000 11450 12000 19000
Discharge Height (M) 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8
Mixing Blade Rotary Speed 35r/Min 26r/Min 29.6r/Min 24.5r/Min 24.5r/Min 21r/Min 21r/Min 21r/Min
Quantity 2×7 2×8 2×8 2×8 2×10 2×10 2×11 2×12
Mixing Motor Model Y180M-4 Y200L-4 Y180M-4 Y225M-6 Y250M-6 Y280M-6 Y280M-6 Y315S-6
Power 18.5kw 30kw 2×18.5kw 2x30kw 2X37kw 2X55kw 2X55kw 2X55kw
Hoist Motor Model YEZ1325-4-B5 YEZ132M-4-B5 YEZ160L-4 YEZ180L-4 YEJ180L-4 Y25M -4 Y25M -4 Y25M -4
Power 5.5KW 7.5KW 15KW 18.5KW 22KW 2 x55 Kw 2 x55 Kw 2 x75 Kw
Pump Motor Power 1.1KW 1.1KW 3KW 3KW 4KW 5KW 5KW 6KW

Main Factors Affect The Quality of Concrete Mixing

  • The structural form of the electric concrete mixer and its mixing speed.
  • The ratio of the output capacity of the electric cement mixer to the geometric volume of the mixing drum is the volume utilization factor.
  • Wear condition of mixing blades and liners.
  • The order of addition of various mixed materials.
  • Stiring time.

Safe Operation and Maintenance

First let the mixer run dry and check that the direction of rotation is as stated.

Before starting, first check whether there is any scratching between the rotating part and the barrel, and if there is any scratching, it should be adjusted in time.

After stopping the machine, check whether the gap between the blade and the bottom of the cylinder is correct. After adjustment, tighten the nut of the stirring blade and put the prepared materials into the cylinder in proportion.

Turn on the machine for stirring, then slowly pour an appropriate amount of water into the barrel, wait until the material is evenly stirred, stop the machine and turn the handle of the discharge port, open the discharge port, and take out the stirred material for use.

Regularly lubricate the bearing parts according to the usage conditions, using grease.

Check the sealing condition of the machine frequently, and check the sealing device in time if any slurry leakage is found.

Always check the fastening condition of the machine, and tighten it in time if it is loose.

After the mixer has been used for a long time, the mixing shovel and the mixing cylinder will be worn out. Pay attention to check and adjust the gap between the shovel and the bottom of the cylinder.

During the mixing process, do not insert hands and sticks into the barrel from the charging port to avoid danger.

When the mixer is turned on and found to be running in a direction that does not meet the requirements, the power should be cut off, any two wires of the wires should be exchanged, and then restarted.

Electric Concrete Mixer machine
Cheap electric cement mixer for sale in HAMAC

Requirements for Concrete

Strength is the most important mechanical property of concrete, and the strength of concrete mainly depends on the interface structure between mixtures.

The components to produce concrete are evenly distributed to achieve macroscopic and microscopic homogeneity.

Destroy the agglomeration of cement particles, make the surface of each particle wet with water, and promote the development of dispersion.

Destroy the initial hydrate film coating on the surface of cement particles, promote the combination of cement particles and other material particles, and form ideal hydration products.

Since the surface of the material is often covered with a thin layer of dust and clay, which hinders the formation of the interface bonding layer. The material particles should be collided and rubbed against each other many times to reduce the influence of the dust film.

Increase the number of times each unit of the mixture participates in the movement and the crossover frequency of the movement track to accelerate the homogenization.

JS750 Electric Cement Mixer
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Where to Buy Electric Concrete Mixer

As the whole society has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, electric energy with less environmental pollution has become the best choice for construction sites. HAMAC can provide planetary concrete mixertwin-shaft concrete mixer with electric engine and diesel power. Customers can choose the appropriate models and power type according to the needs of the project. Feel free to inquiry us for the electric concrete mixer machine price and further details now.

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