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Concrete Pump For Sale in the Philippines

HAMAC concrete pump for sale in Philippines with various models can meet your different requirements. They can be used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction, and can also be used for concrete transportation in large-scale concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, expressways, and overpasses. Established in 2005, HAMAC has been in this field approximate 20 years already. We have local office in Philippines to provide timely assistance to customers. You can find the models you need on our website by yourself, or contact us for help at any time. We will reply you as quickly as we can.

Concrete trailer pump in Philippines is the common used type. It is a stationary type, but can be easily moved easily by a trailer. Check more and choose the suitable models based on your requirements now.

Boom trucks for Sale Philippines

The boom length of boom truck for sale Philippines is from 30-70m for customers to choose. It can meet the needs of various types of construction sites. Check more and inquiry for further details.

A concrete pump with mixing function can help you save the cost of a mixer and improve work efficiency ate the same time. Diesel engine and electric power as options. Concrete pump with mixer for sale in Philippines in HAMAC will be your good choice.

Concrete Pump for Sale Philippines

Pumping concrete construction is a high-efficiency, high-quality construction process. This requires construction technicians to correctly select concrete pumps, pump trucks and delivery pipelines according to project characteristics, construction period requirements, construction environment and construction conditions. At the same time, it is also necessary to scientifically arrange the pipelines of the concrete pump, and rationally organize the pumping concrete construction, in order to obtain better economic and social benefits under the premise of ensuring quality and construction period.

The mixing of pumped concrete is the same as that of ordinary concrete in terms of raw material measurement, quality control, and mixing time. However, the particle size and gradation of the aggregate used for pumping concrete must be strictly controlled to prevent pipe plugging caused by excessive particle size. The quality of various raw materials for concrete mixing must meet the design requirements of the mix ratio. When mixing, the fly ash should be synchronized with the cement, except that the feeding sequence complies with the relevant regulations. The addition of admixtures should meet the design requirements of the mix ratio, and it is easy to lag behind the addition of water and cement.

The transportation of pumped concrete is the key to the construction process of pumped concrete. To calculate the number of transport vehicles, it is required that the selected transport equipment and methods must ensure close coordination with the construction progress and ensure a continuous and uniform supply of concrete. During transportation, it is necessary to ensure that the concrete does not segregate, which can not only improve the pumping quality, but also prevent the pump pipe from being blocked. The concrete mixer truck for sale in HAMAC will be your ideal choice.

The selection of the concrete pump should be determined according to the project characteristics, the required maximum conveying distance, the maximum output and the concrete pouring plan.

The layout of concrete pumps or pump trucks on site should be determined according to the contour shape of the project, the distribution of concrete works, terrain and traffic conditions.

The site where the concrete pump is installed should be flat, with smooth roads, convenient material supply, and close to the pouring site. There must be no obstacles such as high-voltage lines within the working range of the concrete pump.

Piping layout shall be as short as possible with minimum bends.

The pipe joints should be firmly connected, sealed and free from slurry leakage.

The pipeline layout should meet the requirements of pouring the farthest place first, and then remove the pipes one by one and retreat, so as to reduce the influence of the pipe connection during the pumping process.

Where the elbow is to be arranged, try to use an elbow with a large turning radius to reduce pressure loss and avoid pipe blockage.

In general, don’t use a vertically upward 90° elbow when arranging the pipeline upwards. Use steel pipes to set up scaffold ramps to reduce conveying resistance and pipe blockage.

For the downward pipeline arrangement, arrange a buffer horizontal section or an inclined slope section with the nozzle facing upward at the lower end of the vertically downward pipeline to reduce the segregation and blockage caused by the self-falling concrete.

The concrete pump composed of a concrete pump and a delivery pipeline, is a machine that continuously transports concrete through the pipeline by the pressure of the oil cylinder.

Concrete pumps are construction equipment that rely on pressure to transport concrete through pipelines. The concrete pump hydraulic system is generally a high-pressure and large-flow system. Under normal circumstances, the concrete forms a columnar fluid in the center of the pumping pipe and flows in a suspended state.

The surface of the fluid is covered with a layer of cement slurry, and the cement slurry layer acts as a lubricant in contact with the pipe wall. And there is basically no relative movement between the aggregates. When the movement of some aggregates in the coarse aggregate is blocked, the movement speed of the following aggregates will gradually slow down due to the influence, resulting in the formation of coarse aggregates in the pipeline. The mortar supporting the coarse aggregate is squeezed out and the remaining gaps are filled with small aggregate.

In this way, the aggregate density increases, causing the aggregates in this section of the pipeline to expand radially along the pipeline, the cement slurry lubricating layer is destroyed, the movement resistance increases, and the speed slows down until the movement stops and blockage occurs. 

During the pumping process, due to the pressure, a part of the cement mortar is squeezed to the outer layer, forming a lubricating layer between the coarse aggregate and the pipe wall. Only when the concrete is kept in this state can the pumping be carried out smoothly.

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