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Vibrating screen for sale

Vibrating Screen for Sale

The vibrating screen for sale in our company is a circular vibrating screen with high strength and large exciting force. It is mainly used for screening operations in building materials, mining, chemical, cement and other industrial sectors. It is suitable for processing various ores and rocks with a moisture content not greater than 5%. Circular vibrating screen is a kind of circular vibrating, multi-layer, high-efficiency vibrating screen. Vibrating screen machine adopts a cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and a partial block to adjust the amplitude. The material sieve has a long flow line and many screening specifications. Circular vibration screening machine has the characteristics of reliable structure, strong excitation force, high screening efficiency, low vibration noise, sturdy and durable, convenient maintenance and safe use.

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What Are Excellent Performance of Circular Vibrating Screen

Large processing capacity and high screening efficiency. Although the vibration of the screen box is relatively strong, it greatly reduces the phenomenon of material blocking the screen hole, so that the screen has a higher screening efficiency and productivity.

Long service life and easy maintenance. The simplified eccentric shaft exciter and eccentric block are used to adjust the amplitude, the maintenance is more convenient, the service life is longer, and it is not easy to be blocked.

Strong and sturdy. The side plate of the vibrating screen machine adopts the whole plate cold work, no welding, high strength and long service life. The connection between the beam and the side plate is connected by torsion-resistant high-strength bolts, without welding, and the beam is easy to replace.

The structure is relatively simple, the removal and replacement of the screen surface is also relatively convenient. The vibrator is disassembled and assembled as a whole, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement, and greatly shortens the maintenance cycle.

Low noise. The circular vibrating screen adopts rubber vibration isolation spring, which has long service life, low noise, and stable over-resonance area.

Wide application range, high screening efficiency and high screening fraction. Vibrating screens with different layers can meet various classification requirements. Sieve plates of different qualities are available.

Low cost of use. Screening consumes less electricity per ton of material.

Light weight, easy to transport and install.

Application of Vibrating Screen Machine

Application fields. Suitable for coal, mining, metallurgy, building materials, electric power, water conservancy, light industry and chemical industry and other industries. It is usually used in combination with a crusher machine

Applied materials. Suitable for screening of coal, limestone, crushed stone, gravel, metal or non-metal ores and other materials. 

Technical Parameters of Vibrating Screen for Sale

Model Qty. of screen mesh Screen mesh size (㎡) Frequency (r/min) Double-amplitude (mm) Process capacity (m³/h) Motor power (kW) Overall dimension (L×W×H)(mm)
YK1236 1 4.32 800-900 6-8 25-200 5.5 4110×1757×970
2YK1236 2 4.32 800-900 6-8 25-200 7.5 4142×1748×1340
3YK1236 3 4.32 800-900 6-8 25-200 11 4215×1748×1488
4YK1236 4 4.32 800-900 6-8 25-200 15 4336×1748×1840
YK1545 1 6.75 800-900 6-8 45-380 11 4970×2048×823
2YK1545 2 6.75 800-900 6-8 45-380 15 5573×2110×1582
3YK1545 3 6.75 800-900 6-8 45-380 15 5610×2110×1776
4YK1545 4 6.75 800-900 6-8 45-380 18.5 5798×2110×2191
YK1860 1 10.8 800-900 6-8 75-600 15 6105×2570×1265
2YK1860 2 10.8 800-900 6-8 75-600 22 6596×2510×1583
3YK1860 3 10.8 800-900 6-8 75-600 22 6759×2510×2008
4YK1860 4 10.8 800-900 6-8 75-600 30 6828×2510×2375
YK2160 1 12.6 800-900 6-8 85-700 22 6106×2820×1268
2YK2160 2 12.6 800-900 6-8 85-700 30 6596×2810×1580
3YK2160 3 12.6 800-900 6-8 85-700 30 6765×2810×2025
4YK2160 4 12.6 800-900 6-8 85-700 37 6912×2810×2380
YK2460 1 14.4 800-900 6-8 100-800 22 6538×3120×1255
2YK2460 2 14.4 800-900 6-8 100-800 30 6693×3110×1587
3YK2460 3 14.4 800-900 6-8 100-800 30 6758×3110×2027
4YK2460 4 14.4 800-900 6-8 100-800 37 6905×3110×2350
YK2475 1 18 800-900 6-8 130-1000 30 7770×3124×1273
2YK2475 2 18 800-900 6-8 130-1000 30 7942×3120×1578
3YK2475 3 18 800-900 6-8 130-1000 37 8124×3120×2020
4YK2475 4 18 800-900 6-8 130-1000 45 8350×3120×2285
YK2675 1 19.5 800-900 6-8 145-1100 30 7780×3320×1285
2YK2675 2 19.5 800-900 6-8 145-1100 37 8187×3316×1790
3YK2675 3 19.5 800-900 6-8 145-1100 45 8305×3316×2215
4YK2675 4 19.5 800-900 6-8 145-1100 55 8357×3316×2355
2YK3075 2 22.5 800-900 6-8 165-1250 55 8229×3776×1784
3YK3075 3 22.5 800-900 6-8 165-1250 55 8378×3776×2190
4YK3075 4 22.5 800-900 6-8 165-1250 75 8465×3776×2399
2YKS3075 2 22.5 800-900 8-10 180-1850 30×2 8229×3776×1784
3YKS3075 3 22.5 800-900 8-10 180-1850 30×2 8378×3776×2190
4YKS3075 4 22.5 800-900 8-10 180-1850 37×2 8465×3776×2399
2YK3675 2 27 800-900 6-8 200-1500 75 8286×4460×1987
3YK3675 3 27 800-900 6-8 200-1500 90 8435×4460×2393
2YKS3675 2 27 800-900 8-10 225-2250 37×2 8286×4460×1987
3YKS3675 3 27 800-900 8-10 225-2250 45×2 8435×4460×2393

Components and Working principle of Circular Vibrating Screen Machine

The circular vibrating screen machine is mainly composed of a screen box, a screen, a vibrator, a damping spring device, a chassis, a suspension or supporting device, and a motor.

The motion track of the screen box of the circular vibrating screen is circular or elliptical. The circular vibrating screen uses an inertial vibrator to generate vibration, and its vibration source is generally driven by a motor. The circular vibrating screen is a single-axis vibrator, the main shaft fixed on the screen box is driven by the motor to rotate at a speed, and the eccentric body installed on the main shaft rotates accordingly, producing a centrifugal inertia force, so that the screen box can freely vibrate to produce an approximate circular trajectory of vibration.

The drive screen adopts petal coupling and flexible disc coupling. The vibrator adopts a block eccentric structure, and the feeding box can be matched to increase the effective screening area and prolong the service life of the screen at the feeding end. An intermediate transitional bearing seat is added to the transmission part, which effectively protects the service life of the motor. The screen machine is installed in seat type, and the adjustment of the inclination angle can be realized by changing the position height of the spring support. 

The vibrating screen has a rectangular screen surface and is installed on the screen box. Under the action of the vibrator, the screen box and the screen surface produce circular, elliptical or linear trajectory vibration. Due to the vibration of the sieve surface, the material layer on the sieve surface is loosened and thrown away from the sieve surface. So that the fine particles can fall through the material layer and be discharged through the sieve holes, and the particles stuck in the sieve holes are vibrated out. In addition to the screening effect, it also makes the material move forward.

horizontal vibrating screen
Circular vibrating screen

Installation Precautions

Install the motor and V-belt. When starting the installation, the level of the motor should be correct. The centerlines of the corresponding grooves of the two pulleys should coincide. The tension of the V-belt should be moderately tight, and then the screen surface should be installed and fixed as required.

Check the fixation of each connecting part of the vibrating screen. The screen should be evenly tensioned to prevent failures caused by localized vibrations. After that, check whether there are any loopholes in the wiring of the motor and the control box, and manually rotate the transmission part to check whether the movement is normal.

Install supports and hangers. Level the foundation at the beginning of the installation, and then arrange the various components in order according to the installation drawing of the supporting or hanging device and the circular vibrating screen. The installation of the spring can be selected according to the marked test machine.

Level the device. When adjusting the level of the equipment, remember to keep the two ends parallel to eliminate the deflection of the screen box. Pay attention to check the feeding and discharging chute of the sieve and the small hopper to see if there is a collision phenomenon, and if so, it must be dealt with in time.

Check the flexibility of the shaker. After turning the pulley by hand to make the eccentric block out of the equilibrium position, there should be several free swings.

Check the tightness of all the bolts of the circular vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen for sale in HAMAC
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