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Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale in HAMAC

Mobile Asphalt Plant

The mobile asphalt mixing plant is an advanced, high-efficiency, and easy-to-move asphalt mixing equipment. Its excellent performance is the modular design, the main modules are equipped with trailers and chassis, which can realize rapid relocation and installation. 

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Excellent Characteristics of Mobile Asphalt Plant

High efficiency. The mobile asphalt mixing plant can provide high-quality asphalt mixture anytime and anywhere, effectively improving the efficiency of construction sites.

Flexibility. Simple design and small footprint. The main modules are equipped with trailers and chassis, which can be quickly arranged and disassembled at different construction sites to adapt to various environments.

Environmental protection. Through optimized design and intelligent control, the mobile asphalt mixing plant can achieve low energy consumption, low emission, and meet environmental protection requirements.

Safety. The equipment has a complete safety protection device, which can ensure the safety and stability during operation.

Ease of maintenance. The components of the mobile asphalt mixing plant are simple in design, easy to maintain, and reduce operating costs at the same time.

Durability. The key parts are made of wear-resistant materials for longer service life.

Easy to operate. PLC system, automatic control, easy to operate. Each module is equipped with an independent power distribution cabinet, and the cables have been arranged before leaving the factory, which is convenient and safe.

How to Operate Mobile Asphalt Plant

Maintain standardized operating procedures. Professional operators operate according to the correct specifications and follow the process step by step, so that it can be applied safely and effectively avoid other usage problems.

Adjust the reasonable mixing ratio. Stirring is one of the most core steps. More attention should be paid to the ratio of raw materials for mixing within a reasonable range, and the mixing should be completed according to actual needs. Do not add or reduce raw materials at will according to your own wishes. In addition, after the proportioning is done, during the operation process, safety protection measures should also be taken.

Technical Parameters of Mobile Asphalt Plant For Sale in HAMAC

ModelCapacity(Standard Conditions)Mixer CapacityDust Remove EffectTotal PowerFuel Consumption
Fuel OilFuel Coal

Some Indicators of Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant

Classifications. Asphalt mixing equipment is divided into batch type and continuous type according to the production process. According to the mode of transportation, it is divided into fixed type, removable type and mobile type. The type of asphalt mixing equipment can be combined, such as mobile intermittent type, etc.

Design capacity. The design capacity of portable asphalt mixing plant mainly refers to the capacity of the mixing tank, which is mainly for batch type.

Working period. The productivity of the mobile asphalt mixing plant is determined by the capacity of the mixing tank and the working cycle. The working cycle refers to the time difference from the mixing cylinder discharge to the next discharge. Under standard working conditions, it is generally 45s. But for continuous type, there is no work cycle.

Productivity. It refers to the hourly output of asphalt mixing plant under standard working conditions. For batch asphalt mixing equipment, the rated production rate is used to calibrate the production capacity of the equipment.

Installed power. It refers to the sum of the rated power of all electrical equipment of a set of asphalt mixing plant.

Fuel consumption. Fuel consumption refers to the weight of fuel consumed by the burner on the drying drum to produce 1 ton of qualified finished materials.

Emission indicators. The environmental protection emission indicators of mobile asphalt mixing plant are two aspects. One is the concentration of pollutant discharge, and the other is the blackness of pollutant discharge.

Measurement accuracy. Asphalt mixture is designed strictly according to the ratio of aggregate, asphalt, mineral powder and additives, so controlling the measurement accuracy of aggregate, asphalt, mineral powder and additives is the guarantee of the quality of asphalt mixture components. Regardless of the type of asphalt mixing plant, its measurement accuracy should be consistent.

Mobile Asphalt Plant for Sale
Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Why Buying Mobile Asphalt Plant for Sale from HAMAC

Excellent stirring performance. Using a new concept of synchronously driven twin-shaft agitator, the stirring ability is strong, and the mixing is uniform and rapid. Unique discharge door structure, no dead zone, no material leakage, short discharge time. The blade and liner structure and layout designed by dynamic simulation make the perfect combination of production efficiency and quality. The mixing blades are uniquely designed and the super power-driven mixing cylinder makes mixing easy, reliable and efficient.

Excellent economic performance. The power design of the overall thermal system adopts a standard system with an accurate weighing system, and the perfect match of the whole machine in terms of fuel consumption and power usage will quietly save you production costs during operation.

Efficient and reliable dry heating drum. The optimized design of the lifting blade makes the heating more uniform and the utilization rate of heat energy is high. Rock wool and stainless steel are used for heat preservation outside the drum, effectively preventing heat loss. Strictly calculated and carefully heat-treated drive rollers and imported bearings have the advantages of long service life and reliable operation.

Accurate and stable weighing module. It has the characteristics of fully meeting or exceeding the measurement accuracy of international famous brands, good working stability and strong anti-interference ability.

Double-layer large-capacity thermal aggregate silo. The optimized silo structure and material door space ensure the aggregate weighing time and stable measurement accuracy. The silo device is equipped with a continuous material level indicator and a temperature detection device.

Intelligent control system. Adopt dual-machine automatic control computer and manual control system, with automatic fault diagnosis program, which is easy and safe to operate.It has humanized operation interface, perfect production data management, query and other functions. It has the characteristics of fast operation, simple and convenient, friendly man-machine interface, reliable operation and high batching precision.

The vibrating screen adopts the entrance vibrating motor, which greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the failure rate of the equipment.

Avoid drying without dust removal, place above the drum to reduce heat loss, save space and fuel.

The bottom-mounted structure of the silo is opposite, which greatly reduces the floor space of the equipment, and at the same time cancels the lifting space of the small driveway for the finished material, reducing the failure rate of the equipment.

Elevating aggregates and adopting double layout hoisting increases the service life of the elevator and improves the stability of operation.

Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant
Asphalt Plant Mobile

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