Self Loading Concrete Mixer

HAMAC Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self Loading Concrete Mixer can be regarded as a kind of mini mobile concrete batching plant. For that, it owns all the functions of concrete batching plant, including loading the material, mixing, transportation and discharging. HAMAC can provide customers with various models of self loading mixer. Feel free to inquiry us for technical support and quotation now. 

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What Is Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self loading concrete mixer is a kind of powder and multifunctional concrete mixer, which can realize the functions of concrete weighing, batching, automatic loading, mixing, transporting the mixed concrete to specific places, as well as automatic unloading. Self loading concrete mixer is equipped with a cabin, a loading arm and mixing tank, which makes it look like a combination of a small excavator and mixer truck. It can also be regarded as a small mobile concrete mixing plant.

In general, construction site road conditions are more complicated. The traditional concrete mixer needs the cooperation of other machinery whether it is loading or unloading, which makes the whole construction process more troublesome and affects the construction efficiency to a certain extent. This kind of concrete mixer has the advantages of convenient operation, portability, and multi-function, and is an ideal choice for small-scale construction.

What Are Advantages of self loading concrete mixer for sale in Hamac?

  • Equipped with famous brand engine, YUCAI and CUMMINS as options.
  • Equipped with famous brand hydraulic system, which makes it work stably.
  • Equipped with electronic weighing system and printer, weighing scale monitoring can guarantee the production of 100% quality concrete.
  • The water pump has the ability to draw water into its tank from any available water source. In addition, the water tank is equipped with a flow meter, which can ensure that the right amount of water is added to the mixing tank.
  • Humanized functional design. Comfortable cabin environment, equipped with air conditioning. All functions are controlled by joysticks and buttons, which makes which makes the operation more simple and convenient. Equipped with a cleaning system, the machine is cleaned immediately after work.
  • Equipped with an articulated chassis, it is designed to navigate even the narrowest streets with ease.
  • Equipped with an efficient engine and four-wheel drive system. They can climb over the most treacherous terrain with a full load of cement and slopes of up to 30 degrees.
  • Fully automatic operation. Operators can complete all operations in the cabin. Self loading concrete mixers for sale in our company can provide consistent, accurate and repeatable on-site batching and mixing with low operating costs.

Models of Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale in HAMAC

Model Output volume per batch (m3) Motor Power (kW) Weight (kgs) Overall Dimension (mm)
HMC150 1.5 78 5700 7300*2450*3750
HMC190 1.9 30 4300 4900*2000*3000
HMC200/250 2.0/2.5 78 6500/6800 7560*2450*3950
HMC350 3.5 85 7500 7830*2480*4170
HMC400 4.0 92 8300 7800*2500*3400
HMC550 5.5 110 11200 8450*3100*4580
Differernt models of self loading concrete mixer for sale in HAMAC

How Does Self Loading Mixer Work

Self loading mixer is an independent machine, only need one person to operate the machine can easily complete the concrete construction tasks from loading, mixing, transporting to unloading.

A single operator can weigh and load the exact amount of cement, sand and aggregate needed from various locations and lift into the mixing drum. The vehicle is also equipped with a hydraulically driven water pump for pumping water, and a predetermined volume of water is discharged into the mixing drum through a water distribution unit. Then the high-speed rotating drum thoroughly mixes the mixture. Once the mix is complete, it can be easily transported to the construction site where it is needed. Then the mixed concrete can be discharged through the installed unloading hopper.

What Are Components of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Loading hopper. There is a feeding hopper at the charging end, which can quickly and accurately load concrete materials(including aggregate, cement, etc.) and then press the start button, the concrete hopper will easily lift all the ingredients into the mixing drum.

Mixing drum. Once the aggregate and cement are in the mixing drum, they are combined by an automatic pressurized flow of water from the tank and the mixing will be carried out automatically. The special twin-screw blades can ensure the accuracy of the mixing as well as the quality of the concrete.

Movable wheels. The self-loading mixer is generally mobile, and the bottom of the mixer is equipped with wheels that can move freely. It can go anywhere and transport the mixed concrete to where it is needed.

Unloading hopper. When the concrete is ready, the drum can be easily lifted to unload the concrete.

Auto cabin. Only one operator in the cockpit has full control over machine loading, mixing, drum speed and drum direction rotation.

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Why Buy Self Loading Concrete Mixer from Hamac

A variety of models for customers to choose. From the smallest 1.0m3 to the largest 5.5m3 mixing tanks for customers to choose. If you are not sure which model is suitable for your construction site, please feel free to contact us and tell us more about your needs, our professional engineers will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective model for you.

Strong production strength. From receiving orders to organizing shipments, the systematic and standardized process ensures the high quality of the machine and the high efficiency of production and transportation.

Excellent pre-sales and after-sales service. We will provide customers with technical training and operation guidance, free installation services. If you encounter any problems during use, we will provide you with 24-hour online consulting services.

Very competitive price. Factory direct sales, the price has a great advantage in the whole concrete machinery market.

Different transportation methods. Container transportation can be used to save shipping costs. It can also be delivered by RORO vessel or bulk ship. Customers can use the machine immediately after receiving it.

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Features of Self Loading Mixer

They are known for producing concrete quickly, efficiently and in large quantities. Less waste of a large amount of concrete, resulting in considerable savings in construction costs. At the same time, it has the advantages of portability, easy transport of concrete to the site, and easy access to concrete when needed.

Compact design. The small type has individual design features such as narrow body, short wheelbase, and small turning radius. So it has strong advantages of in working environments with limited height, width, and length.

Simple to operate and easy to maintain. Operators can learn to operate in a few hours, which can help save labor costs and time, improving work efficiency.

The equipment has wide ranges of applications. It is applicable to various construction projects, such as the construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, urban and rural roads, etc. It is also suitable for dry mixing, plastic concrete, fluid concrete and other construction sites in the construction department of industrial and civil construction projects.

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