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What Are Models of Brick Making Machine in Indonesia

If you are considering starting a brick producing business in Indonesia? Then buying a high-quality, high-performance, low failure rate brick making machine will allow you to get better benefits. As a reliable and trustworthy brick making machine supplier, our company can provide multi-model, high-quality and high-efficiency brick making machines. Meanwhile, we can also guarantee the guidance of a professional technical team, excellent after-sales service, and competitive prices. Contact us now for the ideal solution for your brick producing needs.

QT4-15 Automatic concrete brick forming machine Main technical parameters:

Dimension3600×1800×2600mmMotor Power29.4KW
Mould Area550×900mmVibration Force50KN
Working Cycle15-18SConcrete Mixer ModelJS500
Size Of The Pallet900×550×30mmWeight Of The Block Making Machine5800kgs

QT5-20 Automatic concrete block forming machine Main technical parameters:

Dimension3650×2100×2720mmMotor Power20KW
Mould Area550×1100mmVibration Force50KN
Working Cycle16-25SConcrete Mixer ModelJS500
Size Of The Pallet1100×550×30mmWeight Of The Block Making Machine6000kgs

QT6-15 Automatic concrete brick machine Main technical parameters:

Dimension4410×2000×2510mmMotor Power36.4KW
Mould Area680×900mmVibration Force50KN
Working Cycle15-18SConcrete Mixer ModelJS500
Size Of The Pallet900×680×30mmWeight Of The Block Making Machine6000kgs

QT8-15 Automatic hydraulic block making machine Main technical parameters:

Dimension4900x2120x2650 mmMotor Power46.4KW
Mould Area850×900mmVibration Force50KN
Working Cycle15-18SConcrete Mixer ModelJS750
Size Of The Pallet900×850×35mmWeight Of The Block Making Machine6500kgs

QT10-15 Automatic concrete block machine Main technical parameters:

Dimension7500x2500x3020 MmMotor Power50.88KW
Mould Area1220×900mmVibration Force50KN
Working Cycle15-18SConcrete Mixer ModelJS750
Size Of The Pallet1220×900×35mmWeight Of The Block Making Machine7000kgs

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Brick Making Machine in Indonesia

Know about project requirements. Before choosing a brick making machine in Indonesia, you need to understand the production requirements and product specifications. Different types of brick machines have different scopes of application and parameters, which need to be selected according to actual needs.

Production capacity of the equipment. The production scale of the brick making machine needs to match its own production capacity and market demand. According to the production demand and investment budget, choose the appropriate brick machine model and production scale.

Brick machine performance. Understand the pressing pressure, vibration frequency and amplitude, mold shape and other parameters of the block making machine, as well as the working accuracy and stability of the equipment.

Pay attention to the quality of equipment. High-quality brick machine equipment can better guarantee production efficiency and product quality, and can also reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Consider brick making raw materials. HAMAC brick making machine Indonesia is suitable for making bricks with various raw materials such as concrete, cement, fly ash.

Machine safety. High-quality equipment generally has good safety performance, which is a necessary guarantee to ensure the safety of operators and construction personnel.

Pay attention to the environmental protection index of the machine. The construction field and related building materials industry can be said to be places with relatively high requirements for environmental protection standards. Therefore, when customers choose, one of the places that customers need to pay special attention to is the index data of brick making machines in terms of environmental protection.

Brick making machine price. Try to compare the production capacity, quality and price of several suppliers to choose the most cost-effective model.

After-sales service. After-sales service is crucial to the normal use and maintenance of equipment. Know about the manufacturer’s reputation status, market recognition and customer evaluation in advance, and try to choose a manufacturer with good reputation and reputation. HAMAC has been committed to improving quality and serving customers, and will be your good choice.

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