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Concrete Mixer For Sale

Concrete mixer is an essential equipment in construction engineering. There are many different types of concrete mixer for different construction sites. HAMAC can provide customers with Self-loading Concrete Mixer, Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer, Planetary Concrete Mixer, Diesel Concrete Mixer, Truck Mixer, etc. Check more details of the concrete mixer for sale in our company and inquiry us for technical support and quotation. 

In general, self loading concrete mixer is regared as a mini mobile concrete batching plant. All the functions of loading, mixing, transportation and unloading can be realized with only one machine. Check the models of self loading concrete mixing machine for sale in HAMAC here. 

As one of the widely used concrete mixer, twin-shaft concrete mixer is suitable for mixing dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, wet concrete, various mortars and other commercial concrete. Click here to check all the models for sale in our company or inquiry us directly for techincal support. 

Planetary concrete mixer is a kind of equipment that can be used for both concrete mixing and refractory material mixing. At the same time, it can also be used in PVC piping industry. Adopt Germany technology, the quality and performance can be guaranteed. 

Diesel concrete mixer is the most widely used and convenient equipment for various types of construction sites. There are various models for sale in HAMAC, choose the suitable model depends on your needs here. 

Truck mixer is the necessary equipment for concrete transportation on the construction sites. HAMAC provide you with the concrete mixer truck from 4-12m3 volume. Customers can select according to different requirements. 

FAQ - More About Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer is a kind of machine that can mix cement, sand, gravel aggregates and water into concrete mixtures. Stirring is a very important process in the concrete production process. Various materials for preparing concrete become a uniform mixture after being stirred, make various materials for preparing concrete become a uniform mixture after being stirred. If the mixing is uneven, high strength concrete cannot be obtained. So it is best to choose a high-performance concrete mixer machine. The concrete mixer is mainly composed of a mixing drum, a feeding and unloading mechanism, a water supply system, a prime mover, a transmission mechanism, a frame and a supporting device, etc. Concrete mixers for sale range from very large concrete mixer truck to smaller mobile concrete mixers.

In order to meet the mixing requirements of different concrete, there are many types of concrete mixers, each of which has its own characteristics in structure and performance.

Periodic concrete mixer is a machine that mixes concrete periodically in the order of feeding, mixing and discharging. The process of loading, stirring and unloading of the equipment is repeated in batches. With the characteristics of simple structure, easy to control mix ratio and mixing quality, it is a commonly used type in building construction.

Continuous concrete mixer is a kind of mixer that can continuously and uniformly feed, mix and discharge materials. The operation process of the equipment, regardless of loading, mixing and unloading, is carried out continuously. Therefore, the productivity is high. But the mix ratio and mixing quality of concrete are difficult to control. It is rarely used in general building construction, and is mostly used in road, bridge and dam projects that require a large amount of concrete.

The continuous mixing station mainly refers to the continuous stop of the feeding and discharging of the mixing material. In the production process, the complete flow operation, weighing and proportioning are all stopped continuously, without affecting the overall construction period.

The periodic mixing station takes the cycle as the unit. It is necessary to wait for the material to be weighed, then complete the mixing work in the cycle, complete the discharge, and then enter the next cycle.

Self-falling concrete mixer. The mixing material is brought to a high place by the blades fixed in the mixing drum, and is stirred by falling by its own weight. The advantages of this type of concrete mixer machine are simple structure, less wear, less wearing parts, certain adaptability to aggregate particle size, and relatively simple use and maintenance. The main disadvantage is that it relies on gravity to achieve stirring, and the stirring intensity is not strong. Moreover, the speed and capacity are limited, and the production efficiency is low. Generally, it is only suitable for mixing plastic concrete.

Forced concrete mixer. The mixing material is forcibly stirred by the rotating mixing blade. This type of concrete mixer equipment has good mixing quality and high efficiency, and is especially suitable for mixing dry hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete. Among them, the horizontal axis type also has the stirring effect of the self-falling type. However, this kind of stirring mechanism is relatively complicated, and the stirring working parts wear out quickly, and there are strict restrictions on the particle size of the aggregate. Otherwise, it is easy to cause material jam phenomenon.

When the tilting mixer is unloading, the mixing drum must be tilted to a certain angle so that the mixing material can be discharged from the drum. The rotation axis of the mixing drum is fixed when the non-tilting mixer is unloading. According to the different discharge methods, it can be divided into reverse unloading and unloading trough discharge.

According to the power used by the concrete mixer, it is divided into, electric type and internal combustion type. Electric concrete mixer is reliable in operation, convenient in use, and low in cost, but it needs a power supply. The internal combustion type is more complicated to use and maintain, and the cost is high, so it is suitable for places without power supply.

  1. Choose according to project quantity and construction period requirements. When the amount of concrete work is large and the construction period is long, medium or large fixed concrete mixers or concrete mixing plants will be better. If the amount of concrete work is small and the construction period is short, it is advisable to use small and medium-sized mobile concrete mixers.
  2. Based on concrete types. When the mixed concrete is plastic or semi-plastic, a self-falling mixer will be a good choice. If the mixed concrete is high-strength, hard dry or lightweight concrete, a forced concrete mixer will be better.
  3. Choose according to the composition characteristics and consistency of concrete. If the consistency of the mixed concrete is small and the aggregate particle size is large, a self-falling mixer with a larger capacity can be selected. When mixing concrete is with large consistency and large aggregate particle size, it is advisable to choose a self-falling mixer with a faster rotating speed of the mixing drum. If the consistency is large and the aggregate particle size is small, it is advisable to use a forced concrete mixer machine.
  4. Choose high-quality production equipment. If the mixing equipment is good, the quality of the produced concrete will be high.
  5. According to the size of the construction site to choose the concrete mixing equipment with appropriate production capacity.
  6. It is considered from several aspects such as the advanced nature, reliability of the equipment, the excellence and versatility of the concrete mixerfor sale.
  7. Choose the right mixer power model.The power of the concrete mixer for sale in market varies from big to small. Don’t pursue models with large power blindly.
  8. Consider the mixing time, whether the operation process is simple, and the settling speed.
  9. Choose according to the capacity of concrete mixer machine. The capacity of the mixer actually determines the efficiency of the concrete mixer equipment to a large extent. Concrete mixer with a large capacity can stir more at one time and save more working time. The larger the capacity, the corresponding power needs to be greater. So when choosing, be sure to choose a model with a power that matches the capacity.
  10. Compare performance and price, and choose a concrete mixer for sale with a high price-bid ratio.
  11. It is necessary to choose environmentally friendly and energy-saving green concrete mixers as much as possible. And Control the industrial pollution generated in the production process reasonably.
  1. With decades of production experience, our company’s production technology and production process are mature, which can guarantee the high quality, high performance and low breakage rate of concrete mixers for sale in our company.
  2. Excellent pre-sales and after-sales service. Customers will enjoy a complete pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system for the concrete equipment purchased from our company.
  3. As a reliable concrete mixer manufacturer with rich export experience, we have been committed to providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective concrete mixers. If you have any need, feel free to contact us for technical support and the best concrete mixer price.

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