Wheel Excavator for Sale

Wheel Excavator for Sale in HAMAC

Wheel Excavator for Sale in HAMAC

Wheel excavator is an excavator with high mobility, usually equipped with four large wheels, and is an excavating machine that relies on tires as walking parts. It can drive and turn on a relatively flat surface with fast walking speed without damaging the road surface and can travel far. The distance can be changed automatically, and various operating devices can be quickly replaced. It has the distinctive characteristics of maneuverability, flexibility and high efficiency. Wheel excavators can excavate and move materials in airports, ports, oil fields, mines, urban and rural construction, farmland water conservancy, and rapid repairs.

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What Are Advantages of Wheel Excavators

Flexibility. Wheeled type excavators are generally more maneuverable than crawler excavators and are able to move quickly around construction sites. They are generally better suited for use in places that require frequent movement, such as cities and suburbs.

Drive fast. Wheeled excavators drive better on hard surfaces and get to construction sites faster.

Less damage to the ground. Compared with crawler excavators, the weight distribution of wheel excavators is more uniform. So when constructing on the construction site, the ground pressure of wheel excavators will be smaller and the damage to the ground will be relatively small.

Lower energy consumption. Especially when driving on hard roads. Therefore, wheeled excavators can save energy and operating costs more. Maintenance is simple. Since the structure of the wheeled excavator is relatively simple, maintenance is also easier.

Excellent Performance of Hydraulic Wheel Excavators

  • The technical performance is improved, and the variety of working devices is expanded. Compared with the mechanical excavator of the same level, the single-bucket hydraulic excavator has approximately double the digging force.
  • Easy to operate and more flexible. The manual hydraulic valve is used for easy operation. It can reduce labor intensity of the driver. In addition, the cab and the machine shed are completely separated, the noise is reduced, the vision is good, the vibration is reduced, and the working conditions of the driver are improved.
  • The transmission performance is improved, and the work is stable, safe and reliable. After the hydraulic transmission is adopted, the speed can be adjusted steplessly and the speed adjustment range is large. A lower stable speed can be obtained, the movement inertia of the hydraulic components is small and it can be reversed at high speed.
  • The structure is simplified, the wearing parts are reduced, and the overall weight is light. The hydraulic excavator of the same level can reduce the total weight by 30~40% compared with the mechanical excavator.
  • Hydraulic components are easy to achieve standardization, serialization and generalization. It is convenient to organize specialized production, further improve product quality and reduce cost.
  • The mechanism layout is reasonable and compact. Since the hydraulic components are connected by oil pipes, the mutual position of the various mechanism components is not limited by the influence of the transmission relationship. And the layout can be more flexible, reasonable and compact.
  • Easy to automate. It is convenient to combine with electricity and pneumatic to form an automatic control and remote control system.

Technical Parameters of Wheel Excavator for Sale in HAMAC

Model HMC75W HMC135W HMC145W HMC155W
General Information
Transport Length (Mm) 5690 7350 7485 7760
Transport Height (Mm) 2920 3005 3100 3120
Width (Mm) 2150 2520 2570 2700
Tail Turning Radius (Mm) 1855 2395 2395 2400
Turntable Width (Mm) 1930 / / /
Wheelbase (Mm) 1665 2000 1910 1970
Wheelbase (Mm) 2350 2620 2620 2670
Scope Of Work
Maximum Digging Height (Mm) 6218 7340 7340 9100
Discharge Height (Mm) 4490 5250 5250 6650
Maximum Digging Depth (Mm) 3930 4500 4500 5040
Maximum Digging Radius (Mm) 6405 7500 7500 8120
Other Parameters
Engine Model YC4F70Z-T21 YC4D125-T310 QSB3.9-C125 QSB3.9-C125
Engine Power (Mm) 50/2200 92/2200 93/2200 93/2200
Optional Engine Model Yanmar 4TNV98-ZCSLKC
Optional Motor Power (Kw/Rpm) 46.3KW/2200rpm/Min
Hydraulic System Pressure (Mpa) 22 34.3 32 32
Hydraulic System Flow (L/Min) 2*60+1*40 2*130 2*130 2*130
Bucket Capacity (M3) 0.23 0.53 0.53 0.53
Bucket Digging Force (KN) Four. Five 85 85 85
Arm Digging Force (KN) 22 53 53 53
Climbing Angle (%) 70 70 70 70
Rotation Speed (R/Min) 9—10 13-14 13-14 13-14
Maximum Road Speed (Km/H) 24 28 28 30
Total Weight (Kg) 6950 12500 13640 15450

The Structure of Wheeled Excavator

The common excavator structure includes power unit, working device, slewing mechanism, steering mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism and auxiliary facilities. From the appearance, the excavator consists of three parts, the working device, the upper turntable, and the walking mechanism.

The working device is hinged to the front end of the slewing platform through pivot pins.

The slewing platform is connected with the lower mechanism through a slewing bearing.

The engine is placed on the slewing platform behind.

The cab is placed on the left front of the slewing platform.

The front end of the lower mechanism is equipped with a bulldozing blade.

The Differences Between Wheeled Type Excavator And Crawler Excavator

The structure is different. Wheeled excavators use four wheels to drive, while crawler excavators use crawlers to drive. Wheeled excavators are relatively light and easy to drive on relatively flat ground, while crawler excavators are more suitable for driving on uneven ground.

Travel speeds are different. Wheel excavators travel relatively fast, while crawler excavators travel slower. Wheeled excavators are easier and faster to move between construction sites. But when working, crawler excavators usually have better stability and balance. The scope of application is different. Wheeled excavators are suitable for foundation construction and earthwork operations on relatively flat roads and sites. The crawler excavator is suitable for mining, construction and complex terrain excavation operations.

The cost is different. In general, wheeled excavators are less expensive and easier to maintain than crawler excavators. But the working efficiency is low under unfavorable terrain conditions, while the crawler excavator has better operating performance and efficiency under difficult terrain conditions, but the cost is higher.

Wheeled excavator
wheel excavator factory

Wheel Excavator Operation Skills and Safety Precautions

Maintain a level and stable position. When loading, the body should be in a horizontal and stable position, otherwise it is difficult to accurately control the rotary unloading, thereby prolonging the operation cycle time.

Keep a proper distance. Keep a proper distance between the body and the truck to prevent the tail of the body from colliding with the truck when turning 180 degrees.

Control the rotation angle. Try to carry out left-turn loading as much as possible, so that the field of view is wide and the work efficiency is high. At the same time, it is necessary to correctly grasp the rotation angle to reduce the time for turning.

First load the sand and then place the large stones. When loading the car, first load the sand and then place the large stones, which can reduce the impact on the car.

Know how compact the soil is. When working in soft soil, you should understand the compactness of the soil, pay attention to limiting the digging range of the bucket, and prevent accidents such as landslides and landslides and deep settlement of the vehicle body.

Wheel excavator cab
wheel excavator delivery

Wheel Excavator Operation Skills and Safety Precautions

Strict quality control. Structural parts are produced independently, and the quality control of the whole process. The finite element analysis is carried out for the stressed parts, and all the key welds have been tested by non-destructive testing.

The performance of the equipment is stable, the vehicle body is durable, the operating room is enlarged, and the working environment is more humanized. The seat has a two-way adjustment function, which is suitable for both work and rest.

With professional technical service and perfect service guarantee, 24-hour service personnel are in place, timely and quickly. Feel free to contact us for wheel excavator price now.

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