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Vibrating Feeder for Sale

Vibrating feeder is a common material conveying equipment used to convey powder, granular material, block material from one place to another. The vibrating feeder makes the material form a flow state in the conveying pipeline by vibrating to realize the conveying of the material. In the gravel production line, the equipment can continuously and evenly feed the crushing machinery, and coarsely screen the materials. Vibrating grizzly feeder is widely used in the combined crushing and screening equipment in metallurgy, coal mines, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives and other industrial fields.

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What Is Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder machine is specially designed for evenly transporting bulk materials before the coarse crusher in the process of crushing and screening. The structural characteristics of the double eccentric shaft exciter are adopted to ensure that the equipment can withstand the impact of falling large pieces of material, and the feeding capacity is large. In the production process, the bulk and granular materials can be evenly, regularly and continuously fed from the storage bin to the receiving device, so as to prevent the receiving device from crashing due to uneven feeding and prolong the equipment service life. The feeder can be divided into steel plate structure and grate structure. The feeder with steel plate structure is mostly used in the sand and gravel production line, and all the materials are evenly sent to the crushing equipment. The feeder with grate structure can coarsely screen the materials, making the system more economical and reasonable in preparation. The equipment has been used as an indispensable equipment in crushing and screening.

Performance Characteristics of Vibrating Feeder for sale in HAMAC

  • High conveying efficiency can greatly improve production efficiency.
  • Stable vibration, reliable operation and long service life.
  • The conveying continuity is good, which can meet the requirements of production continuity.
  • It has a wide range of applications and can adapt to the conveying of materials of different shapes, materials and particle sizes.
  • The exciting force can be adjusted, the flow can be changed and controlled at any time, and the adjustment is convenient and stable.
  • The vibration motor is the excitation source, with low noise, low power consumption, good adjustment performance, and no rushing phenomenon.
  • Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient adjustment and installation, light weight, small size, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.
  • The closed structure design can prevent dust pollution and meet the environmental protection feeding standard.

Technical Parameters of Vibrating Screen for Sale

Model Length of feeding trough (mm) Width of feeding trough (mm) Max. Feeding size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kW) Overall Dimension (mm)
VF0812 1200 800 300 50-100 0.75*2 1490*1107*1040
VF 0816 1600 800 300 160-300 1.1*2 1900*1074*1077
VF 0918 1800 900 300 160-300 2.2*2 2200*1256*1390
VF 2407 2400 700 450 30-80 1.5*2 2486*1280*875
VF 1015 1500 1000 300 160-380 1.5*2 1770*1356*1280
VF 1020 2000 1000 300 160-400 2.2*2 2400*1356*1444
VF 1120 2000 1100 300 160-700 3*2 2170*1780*1060
VF1820 2000 1800 400 160-740 3*2 2500*2080*1800
VF3075 3000 750 420 50-100 3 3090*1787*1014
VF3895(10°) 3800 950 520 96-160 11 3866*1650*1525
VF4211(10°) 4200 1100 580 120-240 15 4273*1868*1733
VF4911(10°) 4900 1100 700 120-240 15 4963*1868*1750
VF5012(10°) 5000 1200 800 220-350 22 5060*1968*1700
VF6015(13°) 6000 1500 1000 700-1000 45 5994*2117*2268

How does Vibrating Feeder Work

When working, the vibration force generated by the vibrating motor acts on the tablet and the tank through the vibrating body to push the material. When the material moves in the tank, it is subjected to the joint action of vibration force and gravity to form a continuous flow. According to different process requirements, the conveying speed and flow rate of the material can be changed by adjusting the vibration force and the position of the tablet.

The accumulation track of a vibratory feeder can be linear or gravity, which dampens the vibration of the feeder and facilitates directional movement. The drive unit can be a piezoelectric, electromagnetic or pneumatic motor, providing vibration, rotation and the necessary force. The guided motion produced by a vibrating feeder is dependent on horizontal and vertical accelerations, resulting in the precise force needed to place the material in the correct position.

Classification of Vibrating Feeder Machine

Linear vibrating feeder. It is mainly composed of a vibrator, a vibrating spring, a conveying trough, etc. The direction of vibration is consistent with the direction of material movement, and it is suitable for conveying bulk materials.

Rotary vibrating feeder. It is mainly composed of motor, reducer, conveying trough, etc. The motor drives the reducer to rotate, and generates centrifugal force to push the material to the conveying trough, which is suitable for conveying granular materials.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder. It is mainly composed of electromagnetic vibrator, conveying trough, etc. The magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic vibrator makes the conveying trough vibrate, which is suitable for conveying flammable, explosive and corrosive materials.

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Composition of vibrating feeder

Ingredients box. The main part of the vibrating feeder that holds the material and supports the vibrator.

Vibrator. The core component of the vibrating feeder vibrates through a motor-driven vibrator to transport materials to nearby equipment.

Sieve plate. A flat plate consisting of multiple sieve holes for sieving materials.

Screen frame. The sieve plate is fixed on the screen frame and acts as a transfer carrier in material transportation.

Tablet. Tabletting is a device used to control the conveying speed of materials. Under the action of vibration, the materials form a continuous flow through the pressing of tablets.

Drive mechanism. It usually consists of a motor, a reducer and a coupling to power the vibrator.

Guiding device. It is used to adjust the feeding direction of the material to ensure that the material can be evenly distributed in the feeding area.

Power box. Used to protect the drive mechanism and vibrator and prolong the service life.

Suspension bracket. The vibrating feeder generally needs to be suspended on a support to provide a stable working environment.

Supporting feet. It is used to support the equipment to ensure the stability and balance of the equipment during operation.

Tank body. The tank body is the carrier of materials, used to store and transport materials. It is usually made of stainless steel or steel plate, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Maintenance door. It is used to check the running status of the equipment and carry out daily maintenance.

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