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Backhoe Loader for Sale

The backhoe loader is a multifunctional road machine that integrates the functions of loader and excavator. In addition, it can achieve different functions, such as crushing, drilling, snow removal, and cleaning by replacing different backhoe loader attachments.

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What Is Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loader is a single unit consisting of three pieces of construction equipment. A backhoe loader includes a tractor, a loader and an excavator. Each device is designed for a specific type of work. On a typical construction site, the operator often needs to use all three components to get the job done. Backhoe loaders provide exceptional capabilities of digging, trenching, backfilling and material handling. It can be used in many construction applications including but not limited to general construction, demolition and excavation, landscaping, breaking asphalt and paving. The multifunctional machine is often used in municipal emergency rescue, urban pipelines, highways and other backhoe loader work areas to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

What Are Excellent Performance of Backhoe Loader For Sale in HAMAC

The backhoe loader is mainly composed of auxiliary mechanisms such as an engine, a transmission, a drive axle, a hydraulic system, an electronic control system, and a working device.

  • Most of the engines are turbocharged diesel engines with high power, energy saving and fuel saving.
  • The transmission device mostly adopts a hydraulic shift transmission with a reversing device, which can realize the drive reversing in the forward direction.
  • The drive axle is equipped with a braking mechanism, which has two modes: vacuum assisted wet braking and full hydraulic wet braking.
  • The hydraulic system can adopt quantitative and variable systems. The calorific value of the variable system is lower than that of the quantitative system, which has obvious advantages, but it is more expensive than the quantitative system, and has higher requirements for the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil.
  • Applying a load-sensing variable system allows for lighter and more fuel-efficient operation. The electrical system adopts a waterproof and dustproof design, using high-strength wires and electrical plugs with strong sealing performance.

Technical Parameters of Backhoe Loader For Sale in HAMAC

Overall Operating Weight 8200KG Final Reducer Single Stage Final Reducer
Transport Dimension Rated Loader of Axle 8/18.5t
L*W*H (mm) 5920×2250×3770 Transmission System
Wheel base 2200mm Torque Converter
Min. Ground Clearance 300mm Model YJ280
Bucket Capacity 1.0m3 Type Single-stage Three Elements
Breakout Force 38KN Max. Efficiency 84.4%
Loading Lifting Capacity 2500KG Inlet Pressure 0.5Mpa
Bucket Dumping Height 2742mm Outlet Pressure 1.1Mpa—1.3 Mpa
Bucket Dumping Distance 925mm Cooling Method Oil-cooling Pressure Circulation
Digging Depth 52mm Gearbox
Backhoe Capacity 0.3 m3 Type Fixed Shaft Power Transmission
Max. Digging Depth 4082/4500mm Oil Pressure of Clutch 1373Kpa—1569 Kpa
Swing Angle of Excavator Grab 190 Gears Two Gears Ahead, Two Gears Astern
Max. Pulling Force 39KN Max.Speed 28Km/h
Engine Tyre
Model YC4A105Z-T20 Model 14-17.5/19.5L-24
Type In Line Direct injection Four-Stroke and Injection Combustion Chamber Pressure of Front wheel 0.55Mpa
Cylinder-Inside Diameter*Stroke 4-102×120 Pressure of Back Wheel 0.223Mpa
Rated Power 75KW Brake System
Rated Speed 2200r/min Service Brake Air Over Oil Caliper Brake
Min. Fuel Consumption ≤242g/km.h External Type
Max.Torque ≥410N.M Self-regulation
Displacement 4.4L Self-balance
Steering System Emergency Brake Operation Power Implementing brake
Model of Steering Device BZZ5-250 Manual Operation Power Terminating Brake
Steering Angle ±36 o Hydraulic System
Min. turning radius 6581mm Digging Power of Excavator Grab 46.5KN
Pressure of the system 12Mpa Digging Power of Dipper 31KN
Axle Bucket Lifting Time 6.8S
Main Transmission Type Double Reduction Bucket Lowering Time 3.1S
Bucket Discharge Time 2.0S

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FAQ - More About Backhoe Loader

The backhoe loader can be equipped with a quick change device to realize the quick change of various attachments. By replacing different attachments (such as hydraulic breaker, auger, snow remover, compactor, sweeper), it can realize different functions in addition to digging and loading, such as crushing, drilling, snow removal, cleaning, etc. Therefore, it can meet the needs of vrious working environments need. The backhoe loader has a hydraulic power oil output interface, which can be used to drive various hand-held hydraulic tools.


The core structure of the backhoe loader is the tractor. The tractor design can run freely on various rough terrains. The tractor features a powerful turbo diesel engine, large deep gear tires and a cab with basic driving controls. Cabs are either fully enclosed or convertible for operator protection.


The loader is assembled at the front of the equipment and the excavator is assembled at the rear. The two components serve completely different functions. Loaders can perform many different tasks. It is generally not used for excavation, but is mainly used for picking and moving large quantities of loose materials. In addition, it can also be used to push soil like a plow, or to level the ground. The operator can control the loader while driving the tractor.


The excavator is the main tool of the backhoe loader. It can be used for digging dense hard materials or lifting heavy objects.

Wheel backhoe loaders are fast, maneuverable and flexible. Due to the fast walking speed, it can be used not only as a mining and loading machine, but also as a transportation device within a certain distance.

It can work on several working faces, so one backhoe loader can complete the work of several excavators, which greatly reduces the equipment investment in open pit mines.

The machine can climb a slope of about 20°, so it can carry out loading work on a working face with a large slope.

When wheel loader backhoe works on the open-air working surface, the tires wear out quickly and the service life is not long.

The walking mechanism of the crawler backhoe loader is mainly composed of steel structure welding parts and four wheels. The so-called four-wheel belt refers to the composition of driving wheels, guide wheels, supporting sprockets, supporting rollers and crawlers. The track is divided into track shoes and link parts, which are wound around the four wheels and tensioned by the tensioning device. The motor is transmitted to the reducer and transmitted to the track through the driving wheel, driving other wheels to rotate, so that the whole equipment can move forward or backward. The bottom of the walking mechanism is designed with 6 supporting wheels, which play the role of evenly transmitting the weight of the equipment.

The performance of the walking mechanism of the backhoe loader directly determines the working efficiency of the whole machine. The reasonable design of the walking mechanism can greatly improve the work efficiency, especially in the complex environment of the mine.

  1. Ensure that the equipment can walk on wet and soft ground and uneven ground, and has strong climbing ability, turning ability and traction.
  2. The overall dimensions of the walking mechanism must comply with industry standards and relevant standards.
  3. On the basis of reasonable design, the chassis of the traveling mechanism needs to increase the space as much as possible, increase the ground clearance, and increase the stable trafficability.
  4. According to the weight and working capacity of the equipment, it is necessary to make it have a relatively large supporting area, and the increase of the contact area will make the equipment have good stability.
  5. Ensure that the equipment does not slip when going uphill or downhill within the designed climbing angle.
  1. Model selection. The selection and determination are mainly based on the workplace and usage.Generally, crawler type backhoe loaders are used for operations in quarries and soft bases.
  2. Power choice. Generally, diesel engines for construction machinery are used. For operations in special areas, such as places with an altitude higher than 3000m, special plateau diesel engines should be used.
  3. Choice of transmission type.In general, hydraulic mechanical transmission is used. The key component is the choice of the form of the torque converter.
  4. When selecting a backhoe loader, the braking performanceshould also be fully considered, including multiple braking, parking braking and emergency braking. There are three kinds of brakes, shoe type, caliper disc type and wet multi-plate type. The driving mechanism of the brake generally adopts an afterburner device, and its power source includes compressed air, air top oil and hydraulic pressure. At present, the gas top oil brake system is commonly used, and the double circuit brake system is generally used to improve the safety of driving.

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