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Concrete Mixer For Sale in Philippines

HAMAC Concrete mixers for sale in Philippines include many common and popular models. We can provide customers with self loading concrete mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer, planetary concrete mixer, trucker mixer, electric and diesel concrete mixer, etc. Our company is a well-known manufacturer of concrete equipment in China. With more than 20 years of export experience, HAMAC has a dedicated office and factory in the Philippines to provide customers with the most convenient services. Have any need? Feel free to inquiry us for concrete mixer price Philippines now.

Different Types of Philippines Concrete Mixer

In order to met different construction requirements, we can provide various types of concrete mixers. Customers can choose the types and models according to their needs. You can also contact us for help at any time.

This is a type of mixer with simple structure and the widest range of applications. It is mostly used for mixing general plastic concrete. The material leaves the blade and falls freely under the action of its own weight, so that the material is repeatedly stirred to ensure the uniformity of the material mixing.

Adopting the principle of forced mixing, twin shaft concrete mixer runs stably and has superior performance. It is loved by the majority of concrete mixing users.

The design structure of the planetary concrete mixer is conducive to its arrangement in production lines of different industries. It has strong power, powerful stirring, fast speed, high efficiency and good processing quality, which can meet the high stirring demand for automatic application production.

Diesel & Electric Concrete Mixer for Sale in Philippines

In order to meet the production needs of different construction sites and the various needs of customers, we can provide both diesel-powered and electric-motor concrete mixers. You can check more about these two powered mixers on our website, or contact our technical staff for more information.

Portable Concrete Mixer for Sale in Philippines

If you are looking for a mixer machine that is light in weight, simple in structure, and can be easily moved between different projects, the portable concrete mixers for sale in Philippines will be your good choice.

Truck Mixer for Sale in Philippines

As a special truck used to transport concrete for construction, concrete mixer truck are essential in large construction sites. In order to meed different needs, we can provide customers with concrete mixer truck Philippines from 4-12m3 volume.

Tips You Need to Know When Using Concrete Mixer

  1. The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance, electrical and other basic knowledge and usage methods of the cement concrete mixer.
  2. Wear work clothes, gloves, dust masks and other labor protective equipment before operating on the machine.
  3. Before use, check the circuit voltage, check whether the connecting bolts of each part are loose. And confirm that the transmission mechanism and working device are firm and reliable.
  4. Before starting, check whether there is any scrape between the rotating part and the barrel. If there is any scrape, it should be adjusted in time.
  5. The reduction box should be filled with oil before it can be used, and oil should be injected into the unloading worm wheel and sliding bearing.
  6. Lock the limit device of the cylinder and start it again.
  1. During the operation, add water while feeding, and it cannot be started after adding materials, and the feeding is not allowed to exceed the rated capacity.During the operation of the machine, it is not allowed to use hands or wooden sticks to go deep into the barrel or mouth of the mixer to clean the mixture.
  2. During the operation of the machine, it is not allowed to use hands or wooden sticks to go deep into the barrel or mouth of the mixer to clean the mixture.Stop the rotation, and then start the machine to make the main shaft run to discharge the material. Stop the spindle, and rotate the handwheel to reset the cylinder until the material is discharged.
  3. When it is found that the running direction does not meet the requirements after opening, the power supply should be cut off, and any two phase wires of the wire should be exchanged and restarted.
  4. After the operation is completed, clean the inside and outside of the mixer and clean up around the mixer, and cut off the power supply.
  5. The electrical equipment is in good condition before starting the machine, and after idling operation, wait for the machine to operate normally, and then add material and stir.
  6. The feeding tool cannot collide with the mixer, let alone extend the tool into the mixer to pick up materials during operation.
  7. No sundries can enter the hopper, and the machine must be shut down to remove sundries.
  1. If a failure occurs during operation, the machine should be powered off to find out the cause, and the machine should not be stopped forcibly by dangerous actions such as prying with tools.
  2. Check the mixer regularly. If the mixing blade is found to be deformed or the gap with the inner wall of the mixing drum is too large, it should be replaced or adjusted in time.
  3. Maintain and clean the mixer frequently to prevent corrosion.
  1. First, regularly carry out themaintenance operations of the items specified in the maintenance procedures, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling, etc.
  2. Second, before starting the concrete mixer, check whether the controllers are in good condition. After shutting down, pour water and stones into the mixing drum for 10-15 minutes for cleaning, and then clear the water and stones. If the operator needs to enter the mixing drum for cleaning, lock the switch box in addition to cutting off the power supply and removing the fuse.
  3. Third, it is forbidden to use a sledgehammer to remove the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer barrel, and it can only be removed with a chisel.
  4. Fourth, in the severe cold season, clean the drum of the mixer with water after work and drain the accumulated water in the water pump, water tank, and water pipes to prevent the water pumps, water tanks, and water pipes from being damaged by freezing.

First of all, there are many different types of concrete mixer for sale in Philippines. Concrete mixers price Philippines also vary widely by models. Secondly, the price of concrete mixer also varies according to the equipment configuration of each company. Therefore, please tell us the model you need or more about your requirements, and we can guaranteed to provide you with the most cost-effective concrete mixer. Inquiry us to the the concrete mixer price Philippines now.

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