Concrete Pump Truck for Sale

HAMAC concrete pump truck

Concrete Pump Truck for Sale

Concrete pump truck, also known as concrete boom pump, truck-mounted concrete pump, is a kind of mobile concrete pump that installs a conveying machine and hydraulic folding boom on a truck chassis. Concrete boom pump can realize conveying and distributing operations at the same time. It has the characteristics of good pumping performance, large distributing range, flexible maneuverability and convenient transfer. Choose the suitable boom height and according to your needs and contact us for the best price of concrete pump truck for sale in HAMAC.

  • 30-70 meters as options
  • Famous brand hydraulic parts
  • High and low pressure conversion

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What Is Concrete Boom Pump Truck

The pump body is installed on the truck chassis, and then equipped with a telescopic or infection boom to form a truck-mounted concrete boom pump. Only this one device is needed to complete the on-site concrete delivery and distribution operations at the same time. Because the placing boom has the function of luffing, folding and turning, the construction personnel can spread the material within the reach of the boom. Concrete boom pump truck is suitable for one-time pouring of large-volume and super-thick foundation concrete and projects with high quality requirements. Its scope of application has been widely used in water conservancy, subways, bridges, large foundations, high-rise buildings and other projects.

Technical Parameters of Concrete Pump Truck for Sale

Model HMC5028 HMC5030 HMC5033 HMC5037 HMC5042 HMC5047 HMC5056 HMC5063
Maximum Vertical Height Of Boom (M) 27.4 29.2 32.5 36.6 41.8 46.9 56 61.5
Horizontal Distribution Radius Of Boom (M) 23.8 25.6 29 32.6 38 42.7 52 57.5
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What Are Advantages of Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Using a truck-mounted concrete pump don’t need to equip mixing machine and other matching equipment on construction site. Therefore, it is especially suitable for projects with small sites and easy to disturb residents.

Concrete boom pump can deliver concrete to higher or farther locations, improving work efficiency and construction quality. In addition, it can reduce manual operations, reduce construction costs and labor intensity.

The concrete boom truck is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. Use the type of truck chassis according to its working ability, and equipped with concrete conveying equipment (pump machine and boom equipment). The overall layout meets the stability requirements of the whole machine.

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FAQ - More About Concrete Boom Pump Truck

The concrete pump truck is mainly composed of a truck chassis, a boom slewing device, a boom distribution pipe, a concrete pump, outriggers, a swing cylinder, a telescopic cylinder and other parts.

Chassis structure. It is the main force-bearing component, mainly composed of a rotating base and outriggers. There are both fuel tanks and water tanks inside, which directly affect the reliability of the concrete pump truck, the stability of the whole machine and the weight of the whole machine. The slewing base is mainly used to connect the chassis of the lower vehicle, and bear the working weight and vibration of the upper boom frame. The role of the outriggers is to ensure the safety and stability of the concrete pump truck during work.

Electric control system. Fully enclosed electrical control box, the protection control device can work under harsh conditions. PLC programmable, program controller is used to simplify the electrical appliances, the reliability and life are significantly improved. In addition, it has a fault display function, which is convenient for troubleshooting. Wired remote control, safe and convenient to operate.

Hydraulic system. The liftable side door is very convenient for operation, maintenance and maintenance. The side door is made with special technology, which can effectively reduce the operating noise. Adopt double-pump, double-circuit open hydraulic system. The system is simple, with long component life and high reliability. The hydraulic system is equipped with safety overflow protection and overpressure automatic cut-off and interception device, so that the main pump has multi-level reliable protection.

Pumping oil circuit. Adopt non-contact automatic reversing and time-delay control, which avoids reversing impact, and the reversing is accurate, stable and reliable. The suction filter technology is adopted to prevent foreign matter from entering the hydraulic circuit, which greatly prolongs the service life of system components while improving system reliability.

When working, the concrete boom pump first transports the concrete in the concrete mixing plant to the distribution valve through the delivery pipeline. The distribution valve distributes the concrete into different delivery pipes and controls its flow and direction. Then, through the action of the hydraulic pump, the concrete is pushed into the delivery cylinder, and the concrete is delivered to the place where it needs to be poured through the delivery cylinder.

The selection of concrete pump truck should be based on the concrete engineering object, characteristics, and the maximum required conveying distance, concrete construction plan, concrete pump form and other specific conditions. The performance of concrete pump trucks varies from model to model. When choosing, in addition to considering the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and environment should also be taken into consideration.

  1. The performance parameters of concrete boom pump should be consistent with the construction requirements or slightly larger. If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low. If it is too small, it will not only fail to meet the requirements, but also accelerate the loss of concrete pump trucks.
  2. Choose the concrete pump truck machine with high booms as much as possible. For that the equipment is flexible, the higher the boom height, the larger the pouring height and material distribution radius, and the stronger the construction adaptability.
  3. Consider whether the hydraulic technology used is advanced, and the quality of the hydraulic components. Because its power comes from the engine. Therefore, in addition to considering the performance and quality of the engine, the performance, carrying capacity and quality of the car chassis must also be considered.
  4. Choose a reliable manufacturer – HAMAC. As a special vehicle, concrete pump trucks should have requirements for safety, mechanical performance, after-sales service and spare parts supply of the manufacturer due to their special functions.Otherwise, once an accident occurs, it will not only affect the construction progress, but also have unimaginable consequences.

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