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Concrete Pump For Sale

Concrete pump, composed of pump body and delivery pipe, is a kind of equipment used to deliver and pour concrete at the construction sites. HAMAC can provide customers with varieties of concrete boom pump, such as trailer concrete pump, diesel concrete pump, concrete line pump, pumpcrete, cocnrete mixer with pump, stationary concrete pump, spider concrete placing boom, etc. Feel free to contact us for more about concrete pump for sale in our company. 

HAMAC can supply both diesel engine driven and electric motor driven trailer concrete pump. Equipped with high quality components, excellent performance can be guaranteed. Click here to check all the models and inquiry us for the best price. 

Concrete Line Pump

Concrete line pump, also known as truck-mounted concrete pump, is a movable type concrete pump, which makes it convenient to move to any work sites. Equipped with high quality driving system and pumping system, HAMAC concrete line pump is your ideal choice. 

As the most efficient concrete pumping equipment, pumpcrete (truck-mounted concrete boom pump) can make the concrete pumping work much easier and more efficient. HAMAC provide our clients with the truck-mounted concrete boom pump from 30-70 meters length boom as options.

Concrete mixer with pump is a one stop solution for concrete mixing and pumping. This euqipment can greatly improve the construction efficiency. Designed as a trailer, it can be easily moved from one work site to another. Check all the models for sale in HAMAC now. 

Spider concrete pump can be easily installed on the jobsite and connected to any type of concrete pumps. There are 13-21m length boom as options in HAMAC. 

FAQ - More About Concrete Pump

Concrete pump, composed of pump body and delivery pipe, is a kind of equipment used to deliver and pour concrete at the construction sites. The equipment uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. Concrete pump can complete various types of concrete pouring work, which can be used not only in ground and underground projects, but also in underwater projects. It can be applied even under site conditions where other methods are not convenient for conveying and watering, such as narrow construction sites, obstacles, etc. It can be used for horizontal conveying of concrete as well as vertical conveying. Concrete pump equipment can be widely used in the concrete conveying work of large-scale concrete projects such as housing construction, bridges, high-rise buildings, highways, tunnels, and overpasses.

There are many types of concrete pumps, which can be classified according to displacement size, working principle, traveling device.

  1. Concrete pumps can be divided into three categories according to the displacementsize, small, medium and large. At present, the most widely used are medium-sized pumps.
  2. According to the working principle, it can be divided into piston concrete pump and extrusion concrete pump. Piston concrete pump is the earliest concrete pump equipment. This kind of concrete pump has high pumping pressure, long conveying distance and easy control, so it is the most widely used. The piston concrete pump relies on the reciprocating movement of the piston in the cylinder, and completes the suction and discharge of concrete with the cooperation of the distribution valve.
  3. From the transmission device, it can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic concrete pumps. At present, the mechanical type has been replaced by the hydraulic type. The hydraulic concrete pump has high power, small vibration, large displacement and long transportation distance, and can be adjusted steplessly. The piston of the pump can act in reverse, and the concrete mixture that will be blocked in the delivery pipe can be sucked back to the concrete cylinder to reduce the possibility of blockage.
  4. To the classification of mobile, concrete pumps can be divided into fixed type, trailer type and self-propelled type.
    The fixed type is mostly driven by a motor, which is suitable for occasions with a large amount of engineering and less movement.
    The trailer-mounted concrete pump is installed on a simple chassis with wheels, which can be easily moved on the construction site and towed on the road.

    The self-propelled concrete pump is to install the pump on the chassis of the car.

  5. There are rotary valves, gate valves and S-shaped pipe vales according to the form of reversing valve. At present, gate valves and S-shaped pipe vales are more commonly used.

  1. The degree of mechanization is high, the required labor force is small, and the construction organization is simple.
  2. Concrete conveying and pouring operations are carried out continuously, with high construction efficiency and fast project progress.
  3. The pumping process has strict requirements on the quality of concrete, and it can also be said that pumping is a test of the quality of concrete.Since the pumping is carried out continuously, the concrete is not easy to segregate during pumping, and the loss of concrete slump is small, which is easy to ensure the quality of the project.
  4. Strong adaptability to the construction work surface and wide operation range.Concrete conveying pipelines can be laid to places that are difficult for other equipment to reach, and the concrete can be filled under a certain pressure at the pouring site. In order to increase the conveying distance, the pumps can also be used in series to meet various construction requirements.
  5. The mutual interference with other construction machinery is small. While pumping, other construction work can take place near the delivery pipe.
  6. Under normal pumping conditions, the transportation of concrete in pipelines will not pollute the environment.
  7. In the case of proper construction layout, the project cost can be reduced.
  1. The particle size of sand, cement grade and proportion should meet the requirements of the mechanical performance of the pump according to the requirements of instructions.
  2. The parking brake and locking brake of the pumping equipment should be used at the same time.
  3. The tires should be wedged tightly, the water supply should be normal. There should be no sundries in the hopper, and the lubrication points should be lubricated normally.
  4. The bolts of each part of the pumping equipment should be tightened. The pipe joints should be tightened and sealed, and the protective devices should be complete and reliable.
  5. The control head of each part, the adjustment handle, hand wheel, control rod, cock should be in the correct position.
  6. Regularly check whether the hydraulic system is normal and leak-free.
  7. Before operation, the pipeline must be lubricated with cement mortar prepared according to regulations.
  8. The outriggers should be fully extended and firmly supported. And the boom should not be started before it is fixed.
  9. When the boom is fully extended, it is strictly forbidden to move the body. When it is necessary to move during work, the upper boom must be folded and fixed.
  10. Various instruments and indicators should be monitored at any time. And if abnormalities are found, adjust or deal with them in time.
  11. Do not open any delivery and hydraulic piping while the pumping system is under pressure.
  12. The pressure of each safety valve in the hydraulic system should meet the requirements of the manual and should not be adjusted arbitrarily.
  13. After the operation, all the concrete in the hopper and the pipeline must be output, and then clean the pump, material buckets and pipes. The control switches, adjustment handles, handwheels, control sweats, cocks, etc. of each part should be reset.
  14. Antifreeze measures should be taken for the construction of concrete pumps in cold seasons.
  15. During construction in the hot season, the concrete pump should prevent the oil temperature from being too high.
  16. Workers are not allowed to climb or ride on the pipeline, and should absolutely avoid working at heights.
  17. Safety and accident prevention devices should be installed on the construction site.
  18. When the pump is working, it is strictly forbidden to put hands into areas with moving parts such as hoppers, water tanks, reversing cylinders, etc., Stop the operation when inspection is required.
  1. Construction type. Generally, the performance of concrete pumps varies from model to model. When choosing a model, in addition to giving priority to the amount of concrete pouring, factors such as the type and structure of the construction building, construction requirements, construction site conditions and surrounding environment should also be considered.
  2. Construction tasks. Generally, the quantity of concrete delivery pumps used can be calculated according to the amount of concrete poured, the actual delivery quantity of a single machine and the construction operation time. For those concrete pumping construction projects with a large amount of concrete pouring at one time, in addition to being determined according to calculations, there should also be a certain amount of reserve, and 2-3 concrete pumps need to be equipped.
  3. Concrete pump configuration. Choose concrete pumps with high coagulation. At the same time, the standard requirements for various accessories must also be improved.
  4. Power system. Usually, concrete pumps adopt full hydraulic technology. Therefore, we must first consider whether the hydraulic technology used is advanced and the quality of the hydraulic components is good or bad.
  5. Operating system. The operation control system on the concrete delivery pumps has manual, wired and wireless control methods. The wired control is convenient and flexible, and the wireless remote control can be operated from a long distance. Once the circuit fails, manual operation can be used.
  6. Boom system. Construction safety has always been the first consideration in construction. The boom system of the concrete pump for sale is an important factor affecting its safety.

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