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Concrete Bacthing Plant For Sale

Concrete batching plant for sale is a construction material processing plant consists of central concrete mixer, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storing system and control system, along with other accessory devices. lts main working principle is using cement as cementing material to mix acgregates, sand, cement, fly ash fully together in order to generate concrete, which as filing material in construction operation.

Stationary concrete batching plant for sale is the most widely used concrete batching plant in the world. As a mature manufacturer of stationary RMC batching plant. HAMAC designed this series stationary ready mix concrote batching plant which is suitable for commercial concrete sale and own proiects. It is equipped with famous brand components such as pneumatic cylinders, vibrators, air compressor, etc.

The mobile concrete batching plant is a concrete mixing equipment that integrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and automatic control systems of the traditional stable concrete batching plant into a single trailer unit. It is as same as the stable automatic concrete batching plant. It is very convenient for the clients to move it in different working sites.

A portable concrete batching plant for sale is batch mix plant without foundation. For this kind of concrete batching plant, it can be towed to different working sites by a tractor or wheel loader. For this type machine, the foundation is not required. It will save the time and cost for installation. It is a real mobile concrete batching plant. It is widely used in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Asphalt mixing plant, also known as asphalt concrete mixing plant, asphalt concrete batching plant, refers to complete sets of equipment for mass production of asphalt concrete.

The bulk cement silo provided by HAMAC is a new type of bolted type cement silo. It is a new type of silo that can be used after being transported to the construction site and assembled with bolts. This type of silo machine is completed by machining.which gets rid of the defects of roughness and limited conditions caused by traditional manual welding and gas cutting.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant For Sale
HAMAC Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Dry Type Concrete Batching Plant

HAMAC Dry batching plant is a full automatic stationary dry type concrete batching plant does not include a mixer. Ingredients of the concrete are transferred directly to the truck mixer after weighing without a mixing process.HAMAC Dry mixing plant is preferred by the users when the application area of the concrete is very far from the concrete plant location.

FAQ - More About Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant, also known as concrete mixing plant, concrete plant, concrete ready mix plant, is a integrated unit used to concentrate mixing concrete. As a professional automatic production of concrete mixing equipment, the concrete mixing station adopts modular design, which is composed of mixing system, batching system, storage system, transportation system, metering system and control system. The whole set of equipment adopts electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display and other control technologies. All electronic weighing devices have buffer devices and automatic compensation functions, and the measurement accuracy is high. There are many types of concrete batching plants for sale in HAMAC, which are widely applicable.

In general, concrete plants can be divided into mobile and stationary concrete batch plant, which are also the first classifications that many manufacturers distinguish during production.

The stationary concrete mixing plant are characterized by strong production capacity, stable work and good anti-interference performance. They are mainly used in large-scale commercial concrete manufacturers or related manufacturers of concrete components, and can be used in large-scale engineering construction.

The mobile mixing plant is pulled by a trailer unit, which has good mobility and makes production more flexible. This type is generally used for various small and medium-sized temporary construction projects, and can be rented for self-use.

The continuous mixing station mainly refers to the continuous stop of the feeding and discharging of the mixing material. In the production process, the complete flow operation, weighing and proportioning are all stopped continuously, without affecting the overall construction period.

The periodic mixing station takes the cycle as the unit. It is necessary to wait for the material to be weighed, then complete the mixing work in the cycle, complete the discharge, and then enter the next cycle.

Wet concrete batch plants use a concrete mixer to mix all of the necessary ingredients in a central location, including water. The concrete needs to be mixed with a mixer truck on the way to the site to prevent it from setting.

The mixing system of the dry mix concrete plant only mixes the materials without adding water. The production efficiency is high, but it must be mixed with the mixer truck to mix the concrete.

The first-stage type refers to the equipment that lift sand and gravel aggregates, cement to the top silo of the mixing plant at one time. Various materials are fed according to the process and discharged from the bottom layer, which is more common in the mixing plant.

The second-stage type is the equipment that lift the mixer after weighing the aggregate. This type usually occupies a large area, and the stirring efficiency is slightly lower than that of the first-stage type. But it is convenient to disassemble, low in manufacturing cost, and easy to install, so it is widely used.

The forced type mixing plant is the main mixing plant equipment used by major manufacturers at present, with high mixing efficiency and short mixing cycle.

The self-falling type uses the gravity of the material to stop the mixing when the material falls naturally. The structure of the mixer is simple, the mixing effect is poor, and the quality of the concrete is likely to fail to meet the standard.

Individual weighing type equips each material with a separate weighing cell. After each material is weighed, it enters the mixer for mixing. This weighing method has high precision, but the design is complicated and the cost is high.

Cumulative weighing type mix all the aggregates into the same hopper, which is easy to accumulate errors. And the more batching bins, the easier it is to appear biased, which is not suitable for large-scale engineering applications. However, the structure design is simple and the cost is cheap.

Mixing host

According to its stirring method, the stirring host can be divided into forced stirring and self-falling stirring. Compulsory mixers are divided into spindle planetary mixers, single-horizontal-shaft mixers and twin-shaft mixers according to the structure. Among them, the comprehensive performance of the twin-shaft forced mixer is the best.

Weighing system

The material weighing system is a key component that affects the quality of concrete and the cost of concrete production. It is mainly divided into three parts, aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing. Each material is weighed independently, and all weighing is controlled by electronic scales and microcomputers. The weighing accuracy of aggregate is ±2%, and the weighing accuracy of cement, powder, water and admixture can up to ±1%.

Conveyor system

  1. Aggregate conveying.There are two ways of conveying in the concrete mixing plant, hopper conveying and belt conveying. The advantages of hopper lifting are small footprint and simple structure. The advantages of belt conveying are large conveying distance, high efficiency and low failure rate. Belt conveying is mainly suitable for mixing plants with aggregate temporary storage bins, so as to improve the productivity of the concrete plant.
  2. Powder conveying.The powder materials available for concrete are mainly cement, fly ash and mineral powder. The commonly used powder conveying method is screw conveyor conveying, and large concrete batching plants use pneumatic conveying and scraper conveying. The advantages of screw conveying are simple structure, low cost and reliable use.
  3. Liquid delivery. It mainly refers to water and liquid admixture, which are delivered by water pumps respectively.

Storage system

The material storage methods available for concrete are basically the same. There are open-air piles of aggregates, and there are also closed cement silos for large-scale commercial concrete mixing plants. The powder is stored in a fully enclosed steel structure silo. Admixtures are stored in steel structure containers.

Control system

The control system of the mixing plant is the central nervous system of the whole set of equipment. The control system has different functions and configurations according to different requirements of users and the size of the mixing plants. Generally, the control system of the small mixing plant available on the construction site is simpler, while the system of the large concrete batch plant is relatively more complicated.

According to the performance of the construction concrete to choose which type of concrete mixer to use.

Choose the batching station and storage bin according to the types of concrete materials.

According to the task of constructing concrete and its construction period, choose the size of the mixing plant. In addition, the volume of the conveying vehicle is also an important basis for determining the model of the concrete mixing plant.

In order to ensure smooth construction and construction quality, the construction object and construction environment should also be fully considered.

If the construction site needs a large amount of one-time pouring and high quality requirements, and there is no reinforcement mixing station nearby. It is best to choose two concrete mixing stations with smaller specifications, or choose a dual-machine configuration with one main and one auxiliary.

If the traffic on the construction site is inconvenient, it is best to choose a dual-machine station with the same smaller specification, or prepare enough spare parts, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.

Configuration options for concrete batching plant. HAMAC can provide mature equipment configuration. Customers can also put forward special requirements when ordering. Our professional engineers will help you configure the most suitable concrete mixing plant according to your requirements.

Excellent mixing performance. The twin-shaft forced mixer has strong mixing capacity, uniform mixing quality and high productivity. The mixing shaft of the main mixing machine adopts anti-adhesion technology, which can effectively prevent the agglomeration of cement on the shaft. The shaft end seal adopts a unique multiple seal structure, which can effectively prevent mortar leakage and ensures the continuous and long-term operation of the entire mixing system. The cleaning system adopts high-pressure water pump automatic control and manual control. The water outlets are located directly above the mixing spindle, which can improve the mixing efficiency, increase water mist to reduce dust pollution and effectively remove cement agglomerates.

Humanized operating system. The whole machine is controlled by computer, which can be controlled automatically or manually, and the operation is simple and convenient. The control room is bright and spacious, elegant in appearance, and equipped with air-conditioning, which can ensure that the electrical components are durable and the performance is stable and reliable. The control system adopts the form of dual-machine dual-control, and the data is shared between the control machine and the management machine. When the control machine fails, it can be switched to the management machine to work, so as to ensure the continuous normal operation of the system to the greatest extent. Surveillance cameras can be installed on key components such as the discharge port of the host machine and the batching station.

Precise metering performance. Whether it is the weighing system of aggregate, powder or water, all use high-precision sensors, which can fully guarantee the accuracy of measurement and stable working performance.

Strong and beautiful mixing main building. Using H-shaped steel as the main beam, the structure is stable and reliable, and the vibration resistance is strong. The cables and air pipes in the building are arranged in special wiring troughs, which are neat and beautiful and are good for cable protection. The outer seal is made of pressed color steel plates, which is beautiful and generous. Insulation can be added as needed for cold weather.

Environmental performance. The fully enclosed mixing main building and belt conveyor structure greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by dust and noise. The dust discharge pipes of the mixer cover, the cement metering bin and the fly ash metering bin are all connected to the dust collector. And the aggregate filling port is equipped with a dust blocking plate to reduce the dust emission.

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