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Types of Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in Philippines

If you would like to purchase concrete batching plant for sale in Philippines with high performance and cost-effective, HAMAC will be your ideal choice. We can supply various types of concrete batching plant used in varieties of construction sites, including stationary type, mobile type, dry mix concrete batch plant, as well as cement silos. Contact our offices and technicians in the Philippines, we will try our best to provide you with the best service.

In the construction industry, the concrete mixing plant is one of the most critical equipment. Preparing ready-mix concrete on site is often a time-consuming process. Using concrete mixing plants in construction projects can reduce a lot of construction costs. To better meet all the different expectations of customers, we can provide various types of concrete mixing plants for sale in Philippines, and customers can choose the right equipment according to their needs.

The stationary type is suitable for construction sites with a large amount of engineering and a long construction period. And it is also suitable for merchants who specialize in the production of commercial concrete. There are stationary concrete batching plant for sale in Philippines with the production capacity of 25-240m3/h for customers to select.

Mobile concrete batching plant for sale in Philippines by our company include trailer-mounted type and towed type. The production capacity of 25-100m³ is as options. If you need a batching plant that is quickly to disassemble, easy to move, and high in production efficiency, then the mobile type will be a good choice for you. You just need to choose the appropriate model according to your construction needs.

Customers can select fixed, semi-mobile or mobile type asphalt concrete batch plant for sale in Philippines. As a trustworthy manufacturer, HAMAC can guaranteed the high quality, high production capacity, and high cost performance of the whole equipment.

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FAQ - More About Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Philippines

  1. Excellent stirring performance. The stirring main engine has strong stirring performance, uniform and rapid stirring, and high productivity. Good mixing effect can be achieved for dry hard, plastic and concrete with various proportions. The mixer liner and mixing blade are specially treated, and the unique shaft end support and sealing form greatly improve the service life of the main engine.
  2. High reliability. All electrical components of the control system are imported components, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment, reduces the mixing time of stones in the main machine, prolongs the service life of the vulnerable parts of the main machine, and thus improves the overall competitiveness of the mixing plant.
  3. Unique non-stick shaft technology. The unique design and reasonable distribution of parts and actions such as the mixing arm, mixing blade, material feeding point position, material feeding sequence can solve the problem of concrete sticking to the shaft and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
  4. Accurate measurement accuracy. It adopts the control method of microcomputer and instrument, which has fast calculation speed and short response time. With the patented jogging feeding and automatic weighing functions, the measurement accuracy can reach and exceed the national measurement standard in dynamic state.
  5. Simple operation performance. The whole equipment is controlled by computer, which can be controlled automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy to master. The dynamic panel display can clearly understand the operation status of each component, and can store and print report data at the same time.

Proper mixing of high-quality concrete can significantly increase the reliability of any structure. In many time-constrained and precise projects, it can be difficult to produce high-quality concrete in the given amount of time. So equipment that is specially configured for concrete is necessary. With the help of these concrete mixing plants, professionals can easily complete production and delivery within minutes. These machines also allow you to adjust concrete production to project requirements to help you get the most out of it.

Choose a concrete mixing plant that can meet the needs of your projects. The fundamental purpose of using a concrete mixing plant is to help produce an even and uniform batch of concrete. Concrete batching plants need to continuously make batches of concrete in the same proportions. The most critical function a concrete batch plant performs is to help you apply cement to the aggregate. It will help you produce, transport and place concrete with ease, as long as your mix meets the desired recipe.

The productivity provided by the concrete batching plant needs to be higher than required. If your project requires 50 cubic meters of concrete per hour, then you need to choose a higher capacity concrete batching plant accordingly. But the production capacity can’t be too big to avoid wasting anything.

  1. The installation of the concrete mixing plant shall be carried out by professionals according to the specifications of the factory manual, and the commissioning shall be organized by the technicians under the auspices of the technicians. After all the technical performance indicators meet the regulations and pass the acceptance, it can be put into production and use.
  2. Qualified sand and stone aggregates should be prepared according to the technical performance of the mixing plant. Particle sizes exceeding the permitted range shall not be used.
  3. Each part of the unit should be started gradually. After starting, the operation of each component and the indication of each instrument should be normal, and the pressure of oil, gas and water should meet the requirements before starting work.
  4. During operation, personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the storage area and under the lifting bucket.
  5. The lid of the mixing drum should be closed before starting. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to put hands and feet into the hopper or the mixing drum to explore.
  6. The machinery of the mixing station shall not be overloaded. The operation of the motor should be checked, and if the sound is abnormal or the temperature rise is too high, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. Do not force operation when the voltage is too low.
  7. After operation, the mixing drum, discharge door and discharge hopper should be cleaned and rinsed with water, and the additive and its supply system should be rinsed at the same time. The knife seat and knife edge of the weighing system should be cleaned, and the weighing accuracy should be ensured.
  8. In the freezing season, the water in the water pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank should be exhausted, and the water pump and additive pump should be started to run for 1-2 minutes.

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