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Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale in HAMAC

Hot Mix Asphalt Plant for Sale

Hot mix asphalt plant, generally known as drum type asphalt plant, can mix concrete, asphalt, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and filler at the necessary temperature to form a uniform mixture. Hot mix plant is primarily used in road construction, where a well-mixed, hot aggregate mixture is often used to lay the final layer of roads.

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Why Choose a High-Performance Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Asphalt is a dark brown complex mixture composed of hydrocarbons of different molecular weights and their non-metallic derivatives. It is a kind of high-viscosity organic liquid, which is liquid and has a black surface. The mixing temperature determines the viscosity of the asphalt. At high temperature, the asphalt has high fluidity, so that it can completely cover the aggregate and prevent whitening.

Hot mix asphalt mixture is made by heating and mixing artificially assembled mineral materials and asphalt in special equipment, transported to the construction site by means of insulated transport, and paving and compacting the mixture in a hot state.

Asphalt mixture is a kind of composite material, which is a mixture made by hot mix asphalt, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, filler and other mineral materials with asphalt binder. Due to the difference in the quality and quantity of the constituent materials, different compositional structures can be formed and exhibit different mechanical properties.

The current strength and stability theory of asphalt mixture mainly requires that the asphalt mixture must have a certain shear strength and the ability to resist deformation at high temperature.

Due to the viscosity of the asphalt, when the asphalt micelles in the asphalt are displaced from each other, the dispersion medium can resist shearing. So the asphalt mixture is subjected to shearing, especially when it is subjected to a short transient load, the asphalt with high viscosity can endow the asphalt The mixture has higher viscous resistance and higher shear strength.

Therefore, the purchase of a high-performance hot mixing plant to ensure that the asphalt mixture is mixed under the optimal ratio and the best temperature conditions has a great impact on the smooth progress and durability of subsequent engineering construction.

Technical Parameters of Hot Mix Asphalt Plant For Sale in HAMAC

ModelCapacity(Standard Conditions)Mixer CapacityDust Remove EffectTotal PowerFuel Consumption
Fuel OilFuel Coal

What Are Components of Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Pre-measure ingredients. Aggregate enters a single batching metering device with a silo through the loader. The computer control realizes pre-measurement through the stepless speed-adjustable discharge belt conveyor adjusted by frequency conversion, and meets the formula requirements to the greatest extent.

Aggregate delivery. The aggregate is sent to the drying drum by horizontal and inclined trough belt conveyors.

Drying of aggregates. The drying process is automatically adjusted, and the aggregate moves in the drying cylinder and is evenly heated. The temperature is detected by the infrared thermometer, and the regulator processes the detection results and adjusts the oil supply and air-oil ratio of the burner through the servo motor to achieve the best combustion effect and set the temperature for drying stones.

Dust removal device. The dry dust produced in the drying process is continuously sucked by the filter and dust removal equipment, and the dust is sent to the hot material elevator through the dust screw conveyor, and sent to the mixing process respectively.

Conveying of hot aggregates. The hot aggregate coming out of the drying drum is conveyed by the hot material hoist to the screening machine located above the mixing building.

Screening machine. It is composed of multiple tensioned screens with different apertures, which ensure the sorting of the powder and transport it to the aggregate bin located at the lower part of the screening machine.

Heat silo. It is composed of several aggregate silos, which store stones of different materials respectively, and the output storage volume is controlled by the level display. Each silo is equipped with an overflow pipe leading to the collection box. The opening time of the start-up gate of the silo is set by the central control computer to accurately measure and batch the aggregate components of the mixture.

Silo-type powder storage. The powder is stored in two places. The two powder silos are located in the cabinet of the building. One is used to store the purchased materials, and the other is used to store the dust from the dust removal equipment.

Weighing system. Each mixing component is calculated separately, and the middle silo is sent to the metering and classification metering through each pneumatic gate, and then sent to the mixer.

Concrete mixer. The stone, powder and asphalt are electronically measured and then sent to the concrete mixer. After setting the time of the mixer, the mixture is unloaded through the electronically activated gate, and the asphalt concrete is unloaded on the transport vehicle, or transported to the finished material insulation warehouse. And then transported to the construction site to pave the road.

Building body frame. The mixing building is located in the cabinet frame structure, with layered staircase access and safety protection devices. Each system can be assembled independently, and the overload protection is set for each system, which can be quickly assembled at the transfer site.

Asphalt supply system. The finished high-temperature asphalt from the heat transfer oil heating asphalt equipment is stored in the asphalt storage tank, which can meet the needs of the mixer.

Electrical control system. The control cabinet and operating table are placed in the operating room, and all the motor actuators on the equipment are remotely operated and controlled in the operating room.

Operating room. The operating room is on the other side of the mixing building. The interior space is spacious, the seat design conforms to the principle of ergonomics, large area of glass, wide view and good sound insulation effect.

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How to choose the most suitable hot mix asphalt mixing plant

It is determined according to the actual situation of the construction site, so as to meet the production needs and make the effect of the hot mix plant fully exerted.

First of all, according to the size of the construction site, choose a suitable asphalt mixing plant.

Secondly, determine the specifications and working dimensions of the equipment according to the conditions of the accessory equipment. Only when all aspects are matched can the production efficiency be improved and the product quality guaranteed.

Thirdly, in terms of technical performance, the selection of hot mix asphalt mixing plants must comply with several basic principles such as advancement, reliability, excellence, and generality, so as to ensure that the equipment can efficiently complete production with advanced technology and a high degree of automation , and ensure the convenience and environmental protection in the process at the same time.

Fourthly, when intensive network management is required, the network management function of the hot mix asphalt plant should also be taken into consideration to avoid difficulties in future upgrades.

Finally, the cost performance of the equipment is also an important consideration in the selection. Feel free to contact our technical team for support and we can help you choose the most cost-effective equipment.

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