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Choosing a concrete pump is a very risky thing, because there are many types of concrete pumps, and there are also great differences in pumping efficiency and delivery distance. You can neither choose a concrete pump that is too large to cause waste resources, nor choose a pump that is too small to delay the progress of the project. This article details the factors you need to consider when choosing the right concrete pump.

Do you need a small concrete pump or a concrete pump truck that can be easily moved at any time.

If you need a small concrete pump, you can choose a concrete trailer pump or a concrete pump with mixer according to whether you have mixing demands. The trailer type concrete pump can be towed directly by a tractor. It is small in size, occupies a small area, and is easy to move in small construction sites.

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Do you need to mix concrete by this pump

If your construction project is small and you don’t want to invest too much in purchasing concrete equipment. Then a concrete pump with mixer that can meet both mixing and pumping needs will be your best choice. You can buy a device with two functions for the price of just one device, which is extremely cost-effective. Moreover, this equipment is easy to operate and can also help you save unnecessary human resources.

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Is there any need for high-altitude pumping?  

If you want to carry out high-altitude pumping, then you need to choose a concrete pump with sufficient pressure capacity. At the same time, the site also needs to be measured to select the appropriate location and piping setup for the pump. The place should have adequate traffic, ventilation and lighting conditions. If a concrete pump truck is used, a location should be selected where the maximum area can be covered in one go. There are also factors to consider that will add additional pressure requirements, such as horizontal distance, number of bends, and pipe diameter.

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Does it need to be fixed in one place or needs to be moved frequently in the construction site?

The advantage of a stationary concrete pump is that it has a wide range of pressure capabilities, which is very important when it comes to high-rise building construction. But the installation of stationary pumps requires engineers to plan the location of piping and pumps in advance to achieve smooth pumping operations with minimal piping work.

If the construction location needs to be moved, then choosing a mobile concrete pump would be a good choice. You can choose a trailer-mounted concrete pump, a concrete line pump or a concrete pump truck. The main advantages of these mobile concrete pumps are that they are easy to operate, easy to move and can deliver concrete to precise locations. And the use of mobile concrete pumps can reduce steel pipe scaffolding projects and save manpower and material resources.

When purchasing a concrete pump truck, you need to prioritize the longest delivery distance required to purchase the most cost-effective equipment. In-line pumps or trailer-mounted pumps are typically used for pumping short distances.

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Select based on hourly pump volume requirements and the size of construction sites

The maximum volume of concrete production required per hour of concrete construction is determined on a job-by-job basis. On this basis the pump pressure is specified. It is very necessary to comprehensively consider specific conditions such as concrete project objects, characteristics, and maximum conveying distance. Usually, the main performance parameters of the concrete pump should be consistent with the needs of construction. If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate will be low. If the capacity is too small, production efficiency will be low.

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Concrete pump footprint

Perhaps for some urban constructions where land resources are tight, customers should try to choose a pump that is smaller but can still reach the required pouring point. When a large concrete pump is required, site surveying of the concrete pump is required. These concrete pumps need to have enough space to easily enter and travel around the construction site.

Before choosing the right concrete pump, it is also important to evaluate the construction site. Construction sites may have obstacles such as trees, cables, excavations, holes, water pipes, and high-rise buildings. At this time, a larger concrete pump with a longer pumping distance may be needed to bypass these obstacles.

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Choose electric or diesel engine concrete pump

First, whether there are local emission requirements. If local environmental protection requirements are strict, you can choose a more environmentally friendly electric engine.

Second, whether it is convenient to use electricity at the construction site. If electricity is not convenient, it is recommended to choose a diesel engine.

The concrete pumps for sale in our company, whether they are electric engines or diesel engines, are all from internationally renowned brands. The quality can be guaranteed and you can buy with confidence.

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Do you need to purchase a concrete placing boom at the same time?

If you have needs, you can also learn about the spider concrete placing boom sold by our company, with a variety of specifications available for you to choose from.

No matter which type of concrete pump you choose to buy, you must pay attention to the brand and quality of the main accessories.

Therefore, you’d better inquire from several suppliers to learn more about whether the quality of the brands used in their main accessories and engines is guaranteed. In addition, the later maintenance costs of the equipment and the price of wearing parts are also issues you need to know.

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Price is also an important factor in where you choose to buy from

Although, we all want to buy the equipment we want at the lowest price. However, you cannot blindly pursue low prices and give up the quality of the equipment. It is best for us to compare several devices and choose the one with the most cost-effective equipment.

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Finally, what needs to be focused on is choosing a manufacturer and supplier with high credibility.

You can choose to buy locally or import from abroad. China’s infrastructure field is world-famous, and our concrete equipment is exported to various countries around the world. If you plan to purchase a cost-effective concrete pump from China, our company will be your best choice. Contact us now to get a quote. We not only have a sales team with excellent service, but also a professional technical team that can tailor the best equipment for you according to your needs.

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