HMC150 Self loading concrete mixer for sale in Benin

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The self loading concrete mixer is the star equipment of our company and has been exported to many countries around the world. Of course, this is not the first equipment we have exported to Benin. We have gained the trust of many customers in this country. The client who plans to purchase a self-loading concrete mixer this time is an end user, so he has very strict requirements on the performance and quality of the equipment. During the communication process with customers, we communicated via video multiple times to show customers the details of the equipment. Finally, after checking our quality and negotiating the price, the customer felt that our equipment was extremely cost-effective, and finally placed an order with us and paid the prepayment.

HMC150 is one of the small self loading concrete mixers we produce. It adopts roller design with different angles and a rotation angle of 270°. The wear-resistant roller is durable. The beautiful overall design and four-wheel drive system can make your work easier than ever. Using YUNEI engine, it is small in size and compact in structure, and is suitable for narrow tunnels, small turning spaces and other narrow areas.

Now the customer has put it into use and expressed satisfaction with the quality and working efficiency of the equipment.

Self loading concrete mixer for sale in Benin

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