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The HZS180 concrete batching plant ordered by this Russian customer is a concrete mixing plant with a capacity of 180m³ per hour. Because the temperature in Russia is relatively low, we thought about many solutions when designing this equipment. Finally, in order to solve this problem, we equipped the entire concrete batching plant with a heating system to ensure that the equipment can operate normally and meet production needs in the cold winter. At the same time, we added a hot water pipeline loop to the aggregate batching machine and installed radiators around the concrete mixer. In addition, insulating panels are used to cover other parts in order to ensure safety during the use of the equipment. It only took one month from the time we determined the configurations of the equipment with the customer and started production until the equipment was packed and shipped. The customers said our productivity and shipping are fast. The installation of the equipment is also completed well under the guidance of our engineers. After it was put into use, the customer was very satisfied with our overall design scheme and the production efficiency of the concrete batching plant.

HZS180 Concrete Batching Plant in RUSSIA

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