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Recently, a customer from Niger ordered a concrete pump with a delivery capacity of 60m³ per hour. The model we set for this device is DHBT60 concrete pump. This concrete pump is suitable for medium construction needs, and the maximum pumpable particle size can reach 50mm. All major components of the equipment use high-quality and highly reputable brands. Among them, the diesel engine is Weichai Dutz, the hydraulic pump is Kawasaki, and all electrical components are Omron. This configuration can ensure the strong quality and stable performance of this diesel engine concrete pump. After receiving the goods and using them, the customer was very satisfied with the conveying efficiency of the equipment. He said that he would purchase other concrete equipment from us if necessary, and that he had introduced our company to his friends. Hope to cooperate again soon.  

Concrete pumps are one of the equipment that our company exports in large quantities. We can provide various types of concrete pumps with various delivery capacities, including concrete mixing pumpstrailer pumpspump trucks, etc. If you want to know the relevant parameters and performance of concrete pumps, please contact us to get a plan, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.   

HAMAC DHBT60 Concrete Pump For Sale In Niger

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